MTV- 'Outlast' Hands-On - Pursued Through Prisons and Sewers

MTV:For all its hype and superlatives about demo participants soiling themselves, Red Barrels' first person horror game 'Outlast' has continued to keep up with expectations. That says something when my most recent hands-on session explored two of the most overused settings in horror gaming: the prison and the sewer.

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Gster1926d ago

This is deffo a game I'm lookin forward to. Its dripping with atmosphere and tension. Lovin the way you have no weapons, and the only way you can defend yourself is by running and hiding. Puts a new and different spin on survival horror.

Xristo1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

New and different? Have you never heard of Amnesia? I agree on looking forward to it though. :)

Gster1926d ago

Yea I have heard of it, but tbh I know very little about it, other than its on PC. I haven't got a PC so I never really looked into it. If it was coming to PS4 that would be cool, cause I heard it was very scary too. You've played it? Is it as good as outlast you think

Xristo1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

Mbad if I came off sounding like you should of known. That was pathetic of me. I forgot that Outlast was releasing on consoles, also. Bad assumption that you were a PC gamer. I was like "you must of heard if Amnesia!" lol. Amnesia is a great game of no weapons and hiding. You also get a sanity meter that will cause you to hallucinate sounds, making you think monsters are near. Pretty freaky if you play with headphones and at night.

Gster1926d ago

No wors m8, I didn't think you were coming across rude or arrogant at all, just inquisitive ;) no harm in that.

But yea it deffo sounds really cool, I love games like that, that are more psychological than all guns and explosions sort of stuff. I seen a vid couple weeks back of some reaction gamers had to a short demo of outlast, and it was hilarious. I mean they seemed genuinely freaked out by it. lol

Thirty3Three1926d ago

I've beaten Amnesia many times, and I honestly never really found it very scary.

I'm super psyched for Outlast though. The demo/trailer's already 100x more terrifying than Amnesia was.

However, I can't compare Outlast to the NEW Amnesia... haven't seen anything on the new one yet.

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soultecc1926d ago

yes amnesia is similar whit the atmosphere. hopefully it will make its way to consoles so more ppl get to experience it.

Rhezin1926d ago

FINALLY maybe an actual freaky game.

KwietStorm1926d ago

Definitely looking forward to this and other Indie horror games. I would buy a Move just to play Slender again.

warewolfSS1925d ago

I have only heard good things about this game. Actually one of my most looked foward to games.

Neonridr1922d ago

can't wait to give this a go tonight. Already pre-ordered it through Steam..