Japan - Brawl disc read errors return, but this time it's Mario Kart

The exact same issue that happened to Japanese gamers that bought Brawl is now happening with Mario Kart Wii. Some people that purchased the game are complaining that their Wii cannot read the disc, and the game is freezing/crashing. Nintendo has once again stated that the problem is due to Mario Kart Wii being a double-layer disc. Nintendo will clean your Wii for you, which should do away with the problem.

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sonarus5650d ago

lol so the wii can't handle double layer discs? They should have just stuck with the game cube mini disc if thats what works for them

ChickeyCantor5650d ago

...it works fine on my Wii.
BTW i dont think the openzone crap is working MODS....MEH!

sonarus5650d ago

lol i was just playing geez.

Spinner5650d ago

Says the guy who personally attacks anyone who says anything bad about the Wii.

Even 360 fans have more class~

ChickeyCantor5650d ago (Edited 5650d ago )

Says the guy who is an @ss himself, nice going douchebag.

^ this is a personal attack.

deeznuts5649d ago

It's not the double disc. It's an overzealous developer, you know the ones that venture off the reservation, that wanted more than EDTV, so he coded it at 481P. Overload.


Danja5649d ago (Edited 5649d ago )

or maybe the Wii..is trying to tell Nintendo it's tired of playing 10 year old sequels...

Wii wants more orginal IP's from Nintendo....lol

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eagle215650d ago

Anyway, I approved it for information reasons. :)

Kaz Hirai5650d ago

I would expect these kinds of SHENANIGANS from Nazisoft, but not from an industry veteran such as yourself!


ChickeyCantor5650d ago

i always hear this 4Kids production evil voice over when i read your stuff....=D thnx for the laughter XD

wow4u5650d ago (Edited 5650d ago )

Nintendo seems to be hiding their disc failures. It would be nice if they fessed up and were honest about what is going on.

These are the first two DL games, if every DL game is going to cause all these errors, they're not going to be able to keep their lie going for very much longer.

Be best thing for both the Company and Customers is if Nintendo fessed up, extended the warranty and fixed the things for free. The way you treat your customers will make them understand that mistakes happen. MS owned up and took care of its customers, no harm no foul now.

If Sony had fessed up with all the PS2 problems, people might been willing to forgive them too.

iamtehpwn5650d ago

It's just a small amount of people. No one I know personally experienced it with Brawl, and I know a ton of people who got Brawl, including myself.

Voiceofreason5649d ago

Nintendo is fixing the issue for free. Dont really expect any more from them. The fix is for anyone warranty or not also.

Kain815650d ago

and i can only say it dont work with the remote. it was extrem ****.
I would never buy the wii.
But i respect Nintendo,but last time they forgot his old loyal customers like me, i hate this cassual gaming sh**.

ChickeyCantor5650d ago (Edited 5650d ago )

LOL you play the game that uses the most gimmicky controll scheme, and then you give your opinion based on that.

you hate the casual crap?! then try a nother game...that isnt " casual" ( and yes there are Games that arent casual).

You sir are BIASED

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