PAX: Microsoft's Albert Penello On Xbox One's Creation, Cable Cutters, A Launch Date

It’s PAX this weekend here in Seattle, and one would think that early afternoon on a Friday would be a fine, slow time to meet with executives from the likes of Microsoft.

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B-radical1900d ago

Developers can always choose what to do with resolution. When the Xbox 360 shipped there was a game that supported 1080p even though few people had TVs of that resolution at the time. We’re doing the same thing here. If they want to use it, they can, and the Xbox can handle it.

iamnsuperman1900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

Are you going to comment on it or just leave the quote chilling there???

OT: It is nice 4K is supported but I am not expecting any console to pump out 4K games. I just don't think they are realistically capable nor is it necessary. 1080p 60FPS is enough when the rest of the resources can be put into AI, physics and other exciting gameplay mechanics.

B-radical1900d ago

You tried ever so hard to get this article disapproved try harder next time chump use that big brain :)

If they can make some games running in 4k at 30fps and that aren't that graphically demanding id still be happy with that.

iamnsuperman1900d ago

"You tried ever so hard to get this article disapproved try harder next time chump use that big brain :) "

What are you talking about. I approved the article after you made the necessary changes which were: it needs to be an interview and the image was broken. It is how this site works.

B-radical1900d ago

Yeah for some reason the image when i went to approve disappeared was weird.

And it's still news! It gives away the release date of November 31st ;)

Anyway thank you for your support buddy!

LoveSpuds1900d ago

4K is the stuff of dreams, I agree with you superman there is no way games will be output at that resolution in this generation without serious cost to all the other components that make up a game.

Also, not quite sure why B-Radical feels the need to call you a chump, seems quite immature to me.

n4rc1900d ago

You could run games like angry birds at 4k I'd imagine...

Your right about not getting AAA games at 4k.. I don't think that's possible... But smaller, less intensive games could

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malokevi1900d ago

"Let’s get real: Have you played the new Halo? And how is it?

I have not. I wish I had, but I haven’t. I’m sure it’s going to be great though."

Lol... that question makes me smile 😊

BlueBlood171900d ago

The 360 only supports games upscaled to 1080p not native. And most 360s didn't even have a HDMI in port at first.

christocolus1900d ago

Why are you guys arguing over this?..its great the xbox one has such a feature..and gamers should be happy about that..

Angeljuice1900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

Ah Forbes, the one place on the net that announced the next day that "Microsoft won the battle of the reveals" because "they showed the box and that matters".

I've not been able to take them seriously since then.

Angeljuice1900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

Want even more of a laugh (at Forbes' expense):

Wow, they really have their finger on the pulse of gaming/s

OrangePowerz1900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

Wonder if they don't wait to long with the release date announcement.

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