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It's been 13 years since the limbless champion originally hit our consoles and it's crazy that the good folk at Ubisoft manage to churn out original levels, enemies, and boss battles for this brilliant platformer over this amount of time.

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psDrake1876d ago

I haven't been able to find a convincing answer so I will ask you guys. The Vita version has 615 teensies to save on the other hand the other versions have 700. Does this suggest other versions ( ps3/xbox/wii-u ) have more levels to play ?

weekev151876d ago

I would imagine so. There are 10 or 3 teensies on each level depending on if its a boss/music level so that suggests thee are possibly 6 levels and 5 boss/music levels missing. Could be some Origins levels as they make up 250 teensies of the total (at least on WiiU)

psDrake1876d ago

That's what I figured. I also tried to reach the developers on Facebook regarding Vita's getting not as many levels as other versions, I am curious what they will say. It's still not a deal-breaker for me though...