GTA V: The Unanswered Questions

With two and a half weeks until GTA 5 arrives and destroys the gaming landscape once more, what else are we still waiting to learn about in what is undoubtedly 2013's biggest game?

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laijka1876d ago

Personally feel those questions aren't all that important.

Really the only thing I want right now is to see some actual gameplay just to see how it runs on both PS3 and 360. GTAIV had its issues and GTA V is supposed to be bigger and better.

plaZeHD1876d ago

GTA 4 had issues because it was terribly optimized for both consoles and PC.

laijka1876d ago

Yeah. Let's hope they did a better job with GTA V.

Angels37851876d ago

Worse on pc.....gosh Its literally the prime example of a terrible pc port.....

Angels37851876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

Well....they already showed gameplay on ps3..... the gameplay trailer specifically was stated from the ps3 version. Plus Rockstar is always very quiet until the games release. Go back and look at the lack of info they released on GTA IV and other GTA games. Its like a characteristic of their studio even gaming documentaries on youtube point out this fact that very little of the games' info is ever released until you play the game.

claud31876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

Do people not understand, that every GTA game screens and footage is in game

For god sake, get it into your skulls. R* has never ever changed that set up and never will

What you have seen with the screens and footage has been running on current gen consoles and the gameplay footage was

Stated by R* themselves, that it was running on the PS3...

So stop this, oh i want to see this running on PS3 or the 360

R* clearly stated that both console versions of the game, will be the same and no dip in performance on any console

FRAKISTAN1876d ago

The only question i want answered is "PS4,When?"

KonsoruMasuta1876d ago

I can answer that easily.

Probably never.

bohemian 231875d ago

I'm guessing its going to happen around Nov 2014. Gives everyone a year to buy this gen, and R* time to do some overhauls for a next gen version. It would be stupid of them not to and I don't think R* is very stupid. It will happen at some point.

Dfooster1876d ago

Personally I find it hard to believe that they wouldnt revisit Las venturas when going back to San Andreas.

I'd say its highly likely this will be a new area that the dlc will focus on. I just can't see them not doing it.