Titanfall PAX Prime 2013 Tutorial/Introduction Video

An introductory video to the world of Titanfall shown at Pax.

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golding891876d ago

wow, this game is just wow.

cleft51876d ago

Looks amazing, but I am just not good enough to play this game. Still, it is going to be fun watching really good teams play this game.

4Sh0w1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

OMG this game looks like some major fun. I like COD but I think this is going to rain on the COD parade when it hits.

3-4-51876d ago

Hmm, I'm definitely seeing Planetside 1/2 influence with this game. Didn't notice it before but the similarities in base design is there, just faster paced.

This game looks really good.

Omar911876d ago

I want this game so badly

AllroundGamer1876d ago

the Smart autoaim pistol is just a bad idea, it's like an aimbot cheat, wtf even make such weapon... you have no chance of normal firefight against that thing when you will get instant headshot.

RenegadeRocks1876d ago

Bring it to the PS4 and then we will talk !

RenegadeRocks1876d ago

Yup it WIll ! Respawn has said it time n again.

CRAIG6671876d ago

Can't see that, I think Titanfall will be Microsofts next gen Gears of war, and you won't see the sequel on PC either, as they did with gears and Halo, that's how they got me back into console gaming, played HALO CE PC and had to buy an xbox in order to play Halo 2.

In a round about way Sony have Microsoft to thank for my PS3 purchase as if I hadn't got back into console gaming through Halo I would probably never have picked up a playstation too.

GearSkiN1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

Activision fucked up! Respawn is coming after your glory.

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The story is too old to be commented.