SCEA forms Third-Party Production team

Sony Computer Entertainment America’s Third-Party Relations team has established a new group known as Third-Party Production, the company announced.

The group is headed by Gio Corsi, who says the group’s formation “means you’ll see even more great games on PlayStation platforms, including new IPs, ports, and localized products.”

He added, “In addition, our partners who are currently in production will have us as a resource to strengthen their development process, ensuring quality and consistency on all third-party projects.”

Borderlands 2 for PS Vita is the group’s first undertaking. Sony will publish the handheld port, which is being moved to the platform by Galaxy Studios.

Corsi asks that PlayStation fans let him know what they’d like to see on PlayStation platforms by contacting him through Twitter or via the PlayStation Blog comments section.


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sherimae24131875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

Nice Move SCEA, and very nice ^_^

ok N4G mates!! time to pester SCEA and demand your games! ^_^

{time to go to twitter! bye! ^_^}

Enemy1875d ago

Lmao return of the gif!

xHeavYx1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

It's like they are getting ready to obliterate the competition

pyramidshead1875d ago

Sometimes I wonder if any of the characters in the gifs, noticeable the execs have actually seen any of these gifs that are so viral now. Only one I could think of coming across them would probably be Shu.

NateCole1875d ago

lol! yeah.

This is why i love Sony. They know what gamers want. Gamers want games. Quantity and quality. These moves ensure we get more games and quality ones at that.

It's basic common sense. Invest in getting more golden goose and you get more golden eggs.

Contrast this to MS's approach. Spending millions on buying time exclusives which is basically exclusive time period with a golden egg.

It is sadly has been a problem with MS and their approach to trying to buy success which ever industry they enter. It is why as a whole they are failing as a company. Vision and success can't be bought. They have to be nurtured and worked at.

These sort of news excite me way more than say some stupid time exclusive deal or exclusive DLC content or what not.

NewMonday1875d ago

best bit "localized products"

more stuff from Japan

SilentNegotiator1874d ago

I'd say they're more so PUTTING OUT a fire.

Vita needs a lot of help when it comes to third party games, and Sony has been lacking on showing that they're serious about getting quality games of Vita, sitting idly by as Vita got crap iterations of Call of Duty, Resident Evil, etc (all great IPs that could have boosted Vita) and even allowed some of their own games to be sub-par (Jak collection, Resistance, etc).

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GdaTyler1875d ago


AngelicIceDiamond1875d ago

That is REALLY badass of Sony.

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HammadTheBeast1875d ago

League of Legends on PS4.... maybe?

I dunno, it probably wouldn't work because of skillshot balancing throwing everything off, and the lack of controls.

But some sort of MOBA pls.

AzureskyZ1875d ago

Its a brilliant move-- if anything this will help vita tremendously.. alot of companies simply do not want to make an initial invest into a system that has a relative slow start--its why wii u and vita has been more or less been forgotten.. along with borderlands i could imagine that bioshock will follow this formula as well.... possibilities is endless--- we should give them some ideas to put on vita.

showtimefolks1875d ago

I know this is American

But I wan yakuza in the west

ZodTheRipper1875d ago

My favourite news of the day, Sony is dead serious about claiming back the throne.

sherimae24131875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

thanks! ^_^ im just spreading out this wonderful news, glad to see sony is on the right track!

a dedicated 3rd party production team will ensure more 3rd party games for the VITA, PS4 and PS3 ^_^

ZodTheRipper1875d ago

^And that's why I just suggested that he should bring us Valkyria Chronicles 3 and Agent to PS4 :D
I'm curious what their first announcement will be.

sherimae24131875d ago

well its borderlands 2 for PS VITA like stated above ^_^

im sure there will be more to be announced and coming

starchild1875d ago

Very smart move, Sony. This is a very good thing.

DiRtY1875d ago


"Contrast this to MS's approach. Spending millions on buying time exclusives which is basically exclusive time period with a golden egg."

MS did the very same thing just last week.

"It is sadly has been a problem with MS and their approach to trying to buy success which ever industry they enter. It is why as a whole they are failing as a company."

I really don't know how you guys think that MS is failing as a company?!

Revenue: 78 bn USD
Net income: 22 bn USD
market cap: 280 bn USD

Just for comparison Sony.

Revenue: 72 bn USD
Net income: 458 million USD.
market cap: 20 bn USD.

MS profit is 48 times bigger than Sonys profit and is worth 14 times more than Sony.

Yet you praise Sony for its vision and claim MS would fail.

No point to disagree. Just facts.

THC CELL1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

If that's so why has Sony got the best phones, consoles cams and also movie/game production company's. Face it Sony beat ms at everything hardware. And phone software. Sony

NateCole1875d ago

lol! Zune, Surface Pro, Windows Mobile ring any bell?. I said other industries/market they enter they have failed. Heck even their cash cow office and Windows OS are not doing as well as they normally do.

Sure they are still doing well now because they used to be invincible but not anymore. Apple and Google will see to the end of MS eventually with the way things are going. It is why Steve just stepped down. It's what happens when things are not going well for a company. Get a clue lol!. It's is similar to when Stinger stepped down for Sony.

In any case you fail to understand. I was mostly talking about gaming. Wasted your time posting that lol!.

DiRtY1874d ago


"lol! Zune, Surface Pro, Windows Mobile ring any bell?"

Yeah 2 of those actually flopped. Big deal.

Every company has its flops. How about PSPGO, PS Move, PS Vita just for the gaming section of Sony?

Don't get me started with Sony TVs getting killed by Samsung, Sony Walkman, heck Sony MiniDisc or betamax or even Sony cameras...

"Heck even their cash cow office and Windows OS are not doing as well as they normally do."

Windows 8 is doing pretty well, even though blogger try to convince you otherwise. Read the financial reports. MS made 9.5 billion USD operatiing income (NOT REVENUE) in the past 12 months, just with Windows.

Oh and MS Office makes MORE MONEY THAN EVER BEFORE (!!!). 16.2 BILLION USD operatiing income (NOT REVENUE).

Damn, you have no clue what you are talking about. Do you even read financial reports?
I bet you tried, but are like:

This is N4G, people with NO knowledge at all come here and spread BS. Even when you provide facts and sources to prove them wrong, they won't believe it.


"If that's so why has Sony got the best phones, consoles cams and also movie/game production company's."

It is true. Look it up. MS kills Sony when it comes to business and making money.

There are quite a few Samsung and Apple fans that disagree with that. My favorite movie production comopany is Universal btw.

"Face it Sony beat ms at everything hardware."

Might have something to do with the fact that MS is a software company and Sony is a hardware company. And what phone software are you talking about?

Oh and I still prefer the Xbox over Playstation.

miyamoto1875d ago

Sony is bringing back the PSOne days of glory when there was a constant supply of fresh new games every week. We used to run a PSOne games rental store.

Xsilver1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

that's amzinnnnnnnnnnnng does it have to be only vita because i want bloody roar for ps4.
edit: i just read it over okay now i want far cry blood dragon on vita make it happen Sony.

sherimae24131874d ago

yes! yes! i want far cry blood dragon too! or a far cry game for vita ^_^

Lboogieskells1875d ago

Ps4 needs a fighting game.

Xsilver1874d ago

onimusha hd collection for PS vita or a new entry either way make it happen.

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Majin-vegeta1875d ago

Damn,Sony is returning to it's former glory.Hopefully we see some localized games like the GUNDAM VS games.

miyamoto1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

Mobile suit Gundam Battle Operation
J-Stars Victory Vs
Phantasy Star Online 2
Gundam Extreme VS
MS Gundam Unicorn PS3
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure All Stars

must come to the west!

Sarick1874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

What! no Dark Cloud, Nino Kuni or, Rogue Galaxy?

Level 5 rocked those games.

tarbis1875d ago


RyuStrife1875d ago

Star Citizen! DayZ, Help localize Japanese games^^. A new JRPG

Donnieboi1875d ago

Day Z on Vita would be epic!

dcj05241875d ago

DAY Z on VITA O_0. On remote play yeah.

Game4life1875d ago

nino kuni on vita sounds better

xxPillsxx1875d ago

DayZ on Vita?
Sony disagrees, they can't produce that much Vita in 1 day.

Donnieboi1875d ago

They should look into Vicarious Visions. Those guys know how to make new versions of console games and put on portables. Also they can do ports well too.

HeyImBen11875d ago

ANOTHER team that makes PS games, wow.

Majin-vegeta1875d ago

This is why Sony will always be my number one video game maker.

ALL hail Sony*Bows down*

Regis1875d ago

All hail the new overlord Sony!!!!