Gamescom 2013 In Review: Microsoft's Conference

VGU writes "Rather than have lots of flame-baiting comparison articles, we thought it would be better to look over the Gamescom performances of Microsoft and Sony separately to see if they hold up on their own. So let's kick things off with Microsoft."

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VforVideogames1927d ago

IMO xbox-1 won the gamescom conf.

CrimsonStar1927d ago

Loved ryse , DR3 , and Forza shame they didn't announce anything new besides fable , but with that giant load they blew at E3 who can blame them .Maybe MS is redeeming themselves game wise this gene . * crosses fingers *

CrimsonStar1927d ago

I think they did all right I was expecting Sony to announce a lot more games and they didn't . I guess next year will be when we some Santa monico , and naughty dog .

VforVideogames1927d ago

Uncharted is coming hopefully next year. that's the only game I care about.