Gamecell UK reviews Neves

Gamecell UK writes:

''Neves struck me as an odd name until I had one of those forehead-smacking moments of Doh!-type realisation – "Neves" is "Seven" backwards, and the puzzles in the game are all made for the same seven pieces – Hod!

So there you go, Neves is a 'simple' little puzzle game with the idea being that you place the seven pieces into a silhouette in the correct orientation to make the required shape. The pieces can be easily moved, rotated and flipped with the stylus (refreshingly Neves is clearly made purely with the DS in mind). Sounds simple doesn't it? WRONG. Whilst you'll see some puzzles' solutions instantly, others use the pieces in such a fashion that you could be fiddling around for hours! It reminded me of a sub game in an ancient classic, Impossible Mission on the Commodore 64.''

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