Next Gen Pro Evolution Soccer Criticised

It seems Microsoft's deal with Konami to bring Pro Evolution Soccer 6 to Xbox 360 first has been less than successful. Forums have been packed with complaints about the lack of features on the next gen version, compared to Playstation 2 and rightly so. This review seems to sum up 360 gamers feelings on the matter.

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Antan4470d ago

To a point i agree with this particular review, 360 wise Konami have been very lazy indeed, FIFA has shown what is possible oon the 360, but throughout all versions this has always been the case, so really shouldn`t come as to much of a shock. Its not hard to see where Seabass real loyalties lie tbh(PS2). Online lag is the biggest issue for me, and as the review points out, its like learnig a totally different control mechanism!!! The hard to score point is not so big for me, Its just about practice, as with any game, it just makes it all the more rewarding when you do score. Next year im sure we will see the REAL next gen version, Im gonna stick my neck on the line now and say, it wouldn`t suprise me if there was some form of PS3 exclusivity attached. But we`ll soon find out.

PS360PCROCKS4469d ago

I played the FIFA demo and I thought it blew but this crappy next gen version stuff is annoying, make a real fuc|<ing game already, stop cutting out the content

omansteveo4470d ago

Whats wrong with an 8 out of 10 last time i checked that was good...atleast they arent pulling an EA and purposely screw the next-gen version of a game until all systems are out

Shadow Flare4469d ago

but i didnt wanna kick something of with the fanboys. I walked into a HMV store and they had PES6 running on a 360 kiosk, so i thought i'd check it out. I was shocked how bad it looked. I was watching some kids play a match, and when u play the game and it has a kinda overhead view of the pitch (the normal camera), the game looked EXACTLY like the ps2 version. If it were a ps2 kiosk i wouldnt have been suprised. It looked so bad

I dunno what konami pulled with this but, PES on the 360 looks oh so crap

RBlaze4469d ago

...but im very disappointed with this game. I picked it up early, rushed to the shops when they said it had been released before the official date, but #3s rite... it lacks so much graphically its insane! Ive always loved the PES game in general, and i thort i could forgive the 'current gen' graphics, even tho id bought this for my 360, but so many other features have gone! You cant even create ur own team / kit or anything in the Masterleague! Nor edit team names atall!! I feel a bit robbed by konami, and i have a feeling that i mite jump ship to EA unless they get releasing some Free downloadable updates to allow some of the content the game so sorely needs

RuffRyder4469d ago

Im tired of all you fools complaining about pro evo just take a minute and pull your heads out your own ass's.
The same thing happens with every new pro evo, people moan like hell then afterwards they realise how brilliant the game is.

Its just sad...

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