RPGFan reviews Baroque

Dennis Rubinshteyn reports:

''Back in 1998, Sting developed a rogue dungeon crawler called Baroque for the Sega Saturn. It was ported to PlayStation a year later, but for reasons unknown, neither game was released in North America, and remained a cult classic only in Japan. Last year, Sting did a remake for PlayStation 2; this remake was also ported to the Wii. This time, Atlus was nice enough to give North American gamers a chance to play the remake of the classic on April 8. Baroque does not redefine dungeon crawling, but the adventure is an interesting one.

Prior to the time the game takes place, a tragedy occurred. The world was destroyed due to the incident called "the blaze." Humanity is destroyed and the only beings remaining are called baroques. Baroques are manifestations of a person's mind that the remains of humanity utilize in order to survive. Some people were able to retain their memories, though their bodies are distorted. Those who couldn't handle their baroques turned into monsters called meta-beings and now roam the mysterious building called the Neuro tower. The no-name protagonist has a human form, but he has no memories of the events that happened. The protagonist apparently committed a major sin which relates to the blaze. Now he must venture into the tower in order to cleanse his sins and fix the world.''

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