Why have video games become so boring?

OpinionDebug writes:

Recently I have found myself becoming increasingly bored with video games. Often I will find myself firing up my console, and just not wanting to play any of my games. Now the reason is not that all the games released are low quality, in fact it's far from it. It is the simple fact that all the games released in the past year (except a few, more on those later) lack a certain quality. It is this unique aspect of a game that separates it from other games. Now this 'quality' is not graphics or sound or whatever, it is something quite different, but I can't pinpoint what it is. Hmm…this is quite hard to explain…

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crunchie1015413d ago

This guy makes a good point. My GOTY last year was definately Portal, and this year it could be something like LittleBigPlanet or Mirror's Edge.

Breakfast5413d ago (Edited 5413d ago )

Portal was a hell of a game. Ill take gameplay over graphics any day.

I see what hes trying to say. Theres nothing unique about some of the games that come out today. They just take a concept that has been done before, make it there own, and add some new features. Im ok with this but, im also (very) ok with something new and refreshing.

sonarus5413d ago

yea games have become boring. Most games lack a good story now it seems everyone is too focused on a multiplayer. gameplay is also getting far too repetitive. I guess that is why a lot of ppl like the wii. It mixes up the gameplay

Genesis55413d ago

This is why I like games with heavy emphasis on puzzle solving as opposed to just shooting or fighting. Good puzzles and a good story make for a more interesting game for me.

Mystery_Person5413d ago

The only game I've ever played that had that special something was "ZELDA: OCARINA OF TIME" OHHH!!! Those were the days.

jadenkorri5413d ago

games are getting really boring as they are mostly the same game, just a different character on a new story etc etc...Look at Halo, one of the most popular games for 360, the first Halo was great, it was inspiring, the best of the 3 in my opinion, however with 2 sequels afterwards which made amazing sales compared to other games but, essentially it was still the same game, just updated graphics, new story, new weapons, better online play... but 2 and 3 are not inspiring at all but just a sequel... The game industry has gone from fun great games to play back when the nes and snes where around to sequel after sequel to make money...
People hack there xbox, 360, psp for a do what?...none other than to emulate and play roms of there favorite nes, snes, sega, ps1 video games...if not people at least run emulators on there pc...and thats says something...we all love playing our old games cause they were fun, may not have had the best graphics but they were the best in our minds....companies are concentrating too much on graphics and not enough on gameplay...and thats where i think Nintendo's Wii has done it right, it can't compare in graphics to ps3, and 360, but most of there games i have to admit are addictly fun... like who still playing Wii sports? I know I do....

kewlkat0075413d ago (Edited 5413d ago )

I think we see a lot of gamers these days crying over the lack on Multi-Player for many games, as if, if it doesn't have it then your missing the whole experience of some sort.

As well as, I see gamers crying over too much (Extra Content) that make games have longer replay Value.

Which ever, we need more single player greatness or at least games that are lengthy and actually challenge gamers in some way.

Some Devs play it safe with some genres, not straying too far from the formula, which is fine but it seems like gamers need and want more to satisfy them these days.(sometimes shallow things) I guess that's where the multi-player thing comes in.

A lot of "Sleeper/under the radar" games actually do stray from the formula(in a sense) and create an amazing experience. Games like ICO, Shadow of the Colossus, Bioshock, are games you'll never forget when you beat them.(I'm sure there are more)

Here and there, you get games like that but we'll go back to some of the same formulas and games under certain Genres, that only have graphics as the most enhanced part and maybe if the game can technically do 50 player online battles and such. But in reality it's the same sh^t, that's been done on PC's.

We need more SLEEPER/ the Old n Days, where you were mostly interested in the game, it's story instead of the technical/graphics jibber jabber.(with better tech come better graphics)

In some ways it's not that Video games have become boring but GAMERS have become SHALLOW/FANBOYS/SELECTIVE and the Devs cater to that. There all pushing Graphics and technicalities. If the game does not push those hardcore, your not selling more than 3 million, while sleepers don't get the sales. So where is the "incentive" to create that Experience?

Tomdc5413d ago (Edited 5413d ago )

I'll have to disagree with what this guy is saying...

Sure there are plenty of samish games out there like RSV but you just gotta pick the diamonds from the sand. Most of the games I have astound me with their innovation and there are plenty of developers out there pushing the boundries with each game they produce (and i'm not just talking graphically!). fair enough these great games that stand out from the rest are quite few but there is certainly enough to please an average gamer and games that are on the horizon just astound and amaze as far as im concerned.

mistertwoturbo5413d ago (Edited 5413d ago )

I would say the "special" upcoming games would be GTA IV, MGS4, maybe even Gears 2 (hopefully it's not just a engine update with the same old stuff), and Little Big Planet. Oh LBP, that one looks to be fun for anyone which we all know casuals are ruling the purchases.

The games that were "special" to me in '07 was Uncharted, COD4, Ratchet & Clank Future (sort of, although it was pretty much a lot of the same but I loved it anyway), Lair (yes... lair, although contrary to reviews, hate, and the actual game, it still tried to do something different), Bioshock, Portal, and Heavenly Sword (more for the excellent cut scenes and acting).

Milky5412d ago

@ Sonarus:
thats why I liked Uncharted so much because there was no online mode so they could focus on the story, which I absolutely loved.
While I am playing a game I think 'What am I doing ?' because of the lack of engrossing story.

gameraxis5412d ago

the missing link this guy can't pinpoint is called "immersion"

derseb5412d ago

exactly: LBP, HOME & Eye of Judgement are all pretty new and unique games. also the Wii is a pretty unique systems that even sells well. i feel like this generation has more stuff than before.

only the xbox has more old style games (shooters) than the other systems.

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kosha5413d ago (Edited 5413d ago )

i thought there was lots of games which werent boring last year like cod 4 and uncharted . I think this year though there is so many exciting games coming out that if this guy is still bored ill be amazed

Science_NERD5412d ago

The writer of this article is an 1diot. Its not the games that are boring it all depends on MOOD!!! SOmetime cod4 is great other times i cant stand it, it depends on the mood of the person not the games

EZCheez5413d ago

That's been the case almost since I started gaming. Hardly ever will you have a year where a lot of true gems show up and revolutionize not only the way you play, but what you play. It sucks, but it's probably never going to change.

I sit in the same boat as this guy. To hold me over until GT5P, MGO, and GTA4 I've actually started to make themes. I have a ton of great games to play, but I'm already bored with all of them. Sometimes it's depressing to open up the case and realize I don't feel like playing a single one of the games I own.

kosha5413d ago

when i look at the games ive got theres about 7 that i want to play but i normally end up playing cod 4. Its more of a social thing as all my mates play on it and i talk to them over my headset

Canidae5413d ago

Thinking I was the only one having this problem. I honestly started to think I was starting to dislike video games (although I knew that was impossible). I totally understand where you are coming from dude.

humble_gamer5413d ago

im also having the same problems with the games i own. im at the point that im starting to sell the games i own on ebay cause i dont play them enough. i even set up a gamefly account just to always have something fresh to play. Once gta4 comes out im gonna have to buy that one cause its way too big to be a rental.

Mikelarry5413d ago

have said it better ez. i have got 2 next gen consoles and still im bored.gone are those days where you had to solve puzzles and really get involved with the game. now it seems all you need is a big gun to complete games.

Science_NERD5412d ago (Edited 5412d ago )

How is opening up a game that you dont want to play depressing? Do you even know what depression is or what the feeling of depression entails? Dont you have a life aside from videogames or are you one of the pasty greasy nerds that lives in the mothers basement, go to the gym and lift weights instead of playing videogames....some f'n people... how pathetic

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VigorousApathy5413d ago

It's called gameplay. It's been harder for devs to figure it out because video games are harder to make now. I'm sure they'll adjust.