Downloading Games to Console while Away Confirmed for Xbox One

Marc Whitten of Microsoft confirmed on his Twitter that using mobile phones and tablets will initiate auto download to Xbox One in low power mode while users are away. System will power on to download.

Whitten: Yes! Of course you can download while you are away. #xboxone - Always up to date, always your console. The beauty of low power mode!

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GarrusVakarian1875d ago

Cool feature, but i turn everything off at the wall when i go out.

pedrof931875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

Me too. Standby takes years of life away of your console.

Wait you turn your fridge off too ?

GarrusVakarian1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

Haha that's probably the only thing that stays on. I even unplug my consoles when im not using them too, id rather get off my ass and plug them in instead of waste power.

badkolo1875d ago

you guys really unplug your consoles everytime you leave the house, really?? or only when you here the x1 does this in low power mode

pedrof931875d ago


Well I unplug my 360/PS3 everytime I stop playing.

GarrusVakarian1875d ago


Yeah, you really think i would say that just because the X1 does this? Thats pathetic and untrue seeing as im planning to buy an X1.

And yes, i turn everything off at the wall when i go out and only plug consoles in when i plan to use them, why is that so hard to understand?

PeEsFour4-Four1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

I've almost never unplugged my Ps3 and its running happy since 6 years.

nick3091875d ago

I never unplugged my ps2 and its with me since launch lmao!

creeping judas1875d ago

Lukas I applaud your energy conservation practices!!

SuperLupe1875d ago


Its not hard to understand, its just surprising ^^

Most people would be too lazy to do that, I know I am.

SolidStoner1875d ago

I have a button.. I press it and everything in my room turns off... only then I leave... fridge and clock stays on :)

it really saves some power and its more safe from hazards...

Trekster_Gamer1875d ago

Maybe for the ps4 but the xb1 is designed to be on... Another day another article trolled ...

orakle441875d ago

You really think standby mode takes years off the life of a console? Suddenly you know more than the engineers who created the machine? Its been proven that a computer's power supply fails faster when a pc/laptop is constantly turned off/on frequently. Its much better to keep electronics on or in a low power state then to turn them on/off daily, thats just proven fact.

pedrof931875d ago


Well yes, standby consumes the hardware of you console. And not to say that rises your electric bill.

Are you criticizing me for my economical practises ? You assume I'm trolling but I swear that I do that all the time. I wasn't that careful back in Ps2 days and even let games inside the machine. By the way I have one of the earlier Xbox 360 and it still works. Thanks to my economical practices.

orakle441875d ago

@pedro, im not criticizing you for your reasons to save money. I only disagree with you with your statement of "standby takes years of life away of your console", which it does not. Again, standby does not "consume life of your console".

I also have an original arcade xbox 360, and original launch 60gb ps3, with normal use, never unplug them, both still work perfectly.

4Sh0w1874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

You turnoff everything from the wall before you go out.

damm that's weird just to save about 10 cents a month.

On topic this is going to be very convenient. I love the idea of sitting at work and being able to go ahead and download before I get home. You can do this with some cable providers/DVR to record something you might miss its awesome.

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Septic1875d ago

I don't and there have been many instances where I'm at work and I've wanted to download a newly released demo and had to phone my little bro to download the demo for me (which is a pain because he can be a lazy s***).

So this is pretty good news. Although I suspect a higher electricity bill is the price to pay for such a feature.

stage881875d ago

I think I remember reading that it is very energy efficient and low cost. MS said it would only cost a percentage of a cent for a whole month or something.

I may have got that wrong but it is a really insignificant amount. I'm guessing it'll be the same for PS4 as well.

Thehyph1875d ago

It should work well.

The power consumption in the standby mode should be very minimal. Vita's low power mode can hold a game in the background and still last for days.

I wouldn't unplug the device like some people are stating. Power cycling is much harder on a PC like device than standby mode.

B-radical1875d ago

Xbox one runs at low power so the bill wouldnt be that bad

B-radical1875d ago

I just turn of at the switch.......

Khajiit861875d ago

Sometimes my ps3 is on for over 24 hours even if im not playing it. The 360 I shut off because the rrod scares me since I have got it 4 times. I am currently going over 4 years with my ps3 and do not care about saving power with it, and it runs perfect with 0 problems.

TRD4L1fe1875d ago

I really dont think it is that serious to unplug everything when you leave the house, people truly are weird these days.

GarrusVakarian1875d ago

I didn't say i unplugged everything when i leave the house, i said i turn everything off AT THE WALL. Jesus Christ, learn to read.

T21874d ago

actually if you talked to fire prevention experts they would tell you that most fires are started by faulty electronics.. things like dryers, toasters, etc... my parents had a house fire when my sisters radio clock malfunctioned..

FamilyGuy1874d ago

I just flip the kill switch on the power strip.

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black0o1875d ago

why can't they simply say sleep mode instated "low power mode" ??

creeping judas1875d ago

I would think because "sleep" implies not doing anything, "low power" implies that there is still power there to do something. Just my guess?

stage881875d ago

I normally fully switch off my console at the back using the switch. (I've got a fatty PS3). However my slim PS3 doesn't have the switch so it is always in standby.

I think downloading for both consoles is going to be great. A lot less waiting around time and more gaming.

Zichu1875d ago

I turn my plugs off at the wall as well...

Well except for my Multi-Socket Adapter. It comes with a remote, so I don't have to get up when I'm half asleep. Just flip the switch and everything is off.

I tend to turn stuff off if I am not at home, but it's good if I want to download something and I am going out for a few hours, I could put it in a low powered state and let it download everything.

plmkoh1875d ago

Yes turning off you none necessary power appliances from the wall is a good idea. They account for about 5% of your total powerbill for the year, it's not much but it's a total waste of money for something you don't need.

Look up Vampire power or phantom load.

TRD4L1fe1875d ago

who cares 5% for the whole year.....not anything to go crazy about

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