BreakQuest Extra Evolution review punkandlizard

Punk and Lizard writes: "Sometimes your brick breaker ball does not need too much interference from you as it glides and bounces off every conceivable platform and object. Sometimes so much that it gives you enough time to run and put the kettle on before it falls back down to earth".

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J0Scorpionake1878d ago

Looks like a good game, I didnt knew it. :)

fredrikpedersen1878d ago

I enjoyed this game a lot. Got all the trophies without paying for extra balls, too. A enjoyable game!

Remember: You can hit square to attract the ball. I didn't find this out until the secret final level

punkandlizard1878d ago

yeah the gravitor is a real help for that extra level ! Glad you enjoyed it also :)