Nintendo 2DS: the $150 Pokemon X & Y machine

MMGN: "From the basic consumer standpoint, Nintendo has essentially uppercut Sony and its PlayStation Vita price drops in the face. Hard. With the 3D tech removed and less plastic needed with its slate design, the lowered price will be offset by increased sales and, as always, Pokemon.

But despite it’s consumer-friendly favours, the 2DS lacks aesthetics and value, and makes me wonder if parents and other potential adopters will support it in the long-run."

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kingdip902892d ago

Pokemon jumps to 3d finallry!!!, ships with 2d ironically enough...

TomShoe2892d ago

While it's a great value, it's still butt-ugly.

I'd rather drop the extra $40 just for the clamshell.

stragomccloud2892d ago

This unit was not designed with older more serious gamers as the target demographic.

Brazz2892d ago

i said this in other topics (and i get tons of disagrees).
US$ 40 is huge diference for some countrys, hell 2ds will be perfect for poor people, cheap replacement, kids or people that live in countrys whit "weak money" in comparasion to the Dollar.
Ds2 actualy look promising.

grimmweisse2892d ago


That's all good and well. But do kids want the slate like version of clam shell version?

My guess is clam shell. Nintendo has got to give kids more credit if they think they can just release a lower end model that looks atrocious onto kids. We have a generation of kids who want apple products because of how cool and trendy they think it is. The 2DS certainly is not, from all age groups.

Even a recently, Japanese impressions of the 2DS was interesting, where everyone had negative thoughts on the product. So in a country where Nintendo is supreme and no good comment comes out of the consumers it got to tell something is wrong. Most stated they would feel embarrassed to even take the thing out in public, let alone play it.

AAACE52892d ago

Q. If it lost the 3d, why does it still show the 3d camera set up?

shivvy242892d ago

my 9 yr old brother said it looks ugly when i showed him yesterday !

A move into bankruptcy ! JKS, i have a feeling it will fly off the shelves

3-4-52892d ago

It has a 90's feel to it, which automatically makes me kind of like it while also being aware of it's faults and kind of ugliness.

When you watch videos of people using/holding it though, it actually looks comfortable.

TheDivine2892d ago

My guess is it kept the 3d camera so it can still have a cohesive ecosystem. You can buy this and share 3d media with friends and your other systems. This is a 3ds with everything included excluding glasses free 3d. Otherwise its the same (as it should be).

I personally think its flipping awesome! I like it because it seems retro like a GBA. It reminds me gaming is fun. Its def aimed at poor people, kids under 10, and people who only want one game such as Pokemon/Zelda/SMT4/Fire Emblem exc. Nin knows there a huge market that will want to play A Link Between Worlds due to loving ALTTP but won't fork out 200 for a XL. There's tons of parents who's kids would love a 3ds but don't want them snapping it in two or they don't want children viewing 3d all day. Some families have three kids who want a system but it gets pricey. This is another option and way to include everyone possible.

gaffyh2892d ago

Oh God, every time I see it I want to throw up. What a POS design!

AbortMission2891d ago

That 2DS is ugly as hell, it looks like a Leapster frog Lol.

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klecser2892d ago

Not sure how a machine with almost all of the same features but that costs 40 dollars less is a poor value.

Gamer logic: If it isn't for ME, it isn't for ANYONE.

SonyPS42892d ago

Gamer logic is seriously flawed.

CleverHaiku2892d ago

This goes into more detail (and was posted yesterday).

mrbojingles2892d ago

Its the $129 poke-machine

Kingthrash3602892d ago

pokemon x & y. doesnt the x & y in the title because its 3d?

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