Super Mario parkour video turns city streets into a classic game

Mario might be a little out of shape, but the plump plumber can run and jump with the best of them.
So can the fantastic free runners who dressed up as Mario and his brother Luigi to create this truly awesome viral video.

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modesign1902d ago

sony should buy nintendo and make this into a mario game for ps4.

Snarkasaur1902d ago

This is dumb. Mario never loses his hat.

KrimsonKody1902d ago

Well, to some degree, he has.
He can lose his hat in Super Mario 64.

KrimsonKody1902d ago

That looks really fun!
I have the agility to do that, but I'm too scared to screw up once & damage my beautiful, beautiful body.

Well, at least we have an idea of how Super Mario will look in the year 2525.