Socom Confrontation: new screenshots

Socom Confrontation is now with a few new images reveal that some urban maps that will become available in this game to be played until 32 simultaneously on the Playstation Network...

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TheExecutive5908d ago

Those are pretty big maps, this game looks awesome.

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JsonHenry5908d ago

Well, since this game is a "download & mulitplayer" only game it does not look too bad. But GRAW2 looks better, and it was on the PS3 as well. But the graphics are more than good enough for me if the only play is up to par.

Not to mention the screens could be low quality scans that distort the image. A lot of games don't look the same until you see it in motion.

JsonHenry5908d ago

Who is lamback talking about?

TheExecutive5908d ago

@Json... not sure who he is talking about. Must just be venting :)

Anyway, this game looks like its lighting engine and physics engine is in place but like every other game its textures and such havent been updated yet. The graphics will look very good when this is complete I dont have any doubts about that.

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kosha5908d ago

no one hear has bashed the game (yet) and json even said he was gonna buy the game so stop getting so angry at him

Iamback5908d ago

I am not talking to Jason, i dont know who that guys is. He replayed to my comment.

kosha5908d ago (Edited 5908d ago )

he was on about graw looking better and then you started talking about graw so you were obviously replying to him. I dont really care if you were talking to him or not to be honesnt

BTW the game looks good and im definetly getting it because the other socoms are some of the best online miltary games ive ever played

Panthers5908d ago

I dont know if you played the older Socoms (1&2) but GRAW was horrible compared to those games. Yea GRAW had better graphics, but the gameplay online was horrendous.

I have not played a game yet that compares to Socom online.

sonarus5908d ago

32 player online multiplayer. Maps will be bigger than graw they have to make cuts in visuals. If you want to compare this, you compare it with another game that has closer to 32 player online and similar sized maps. Since warhawk is the only game i know that does such, it looks better than warhawk so its a great looking game

TheExecutive5908d ago (Edited 5908d ago )

I am confused at what the hell is being said in this thread... I dont even know what some of you guys are talking about.

kingOVsticks5908d ago (Edited 5908d ago )

hahahahahaha*laughs and points*hahahahahha " i don't know who that guy is but he replied to me" *laughs and runs over towards lamback and throws a potato at his kidney.* hahahaha lamback is so confused hahahaha uuuuuhhhhh good times:)

on topic socom was never really about graphics it was all about the gameplay and even when this game has no single player, if its anything like socom online on the ps2 then its a must have for me.

kevin11225908d ago

yea, dont worry about the gameplay. This game has always been good and the gameplay is top of the line for a third person shooter. With this running on next gen hardware i doubt this game will disappoint.

dantesparda5908d ago

But i cant get mad at anything Lamback says, with that avatar. That Llama pic just cracks me up, remind's me of The Emperor's New Groove

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RealTimeWeaponChange5908d ago

How can you guys say that with a strait face? This looks downright horrible. Have you never played GRAW? Absolutely blows this out of the water. Jesus.

shadowghost7525908d ago

RealTime i can say that with a straight face because, we can see that this has the potential and will indefinately use it to be a success.

Also GRAW is nothing compared to Socom, never has been and never will be

RealTimeWeaponChange5908d ago

Actually, GRAW is better. I know. I own both. :) Do you?

clintos595907d ago

That is your opinion but, "FACT" is socom is a bigger franchise then graw, heck it was the biggest online game for the ps2. In my opinion it is a better all around game then graw and the game looks pretty damn good so far but I will agree that graw still looks better graphically, but overall. Socom Series>>Graw Series.

FourtyPoundSteak5907d ago

SOCOM = greatest online 3rd person shooter ever made.

Hands down.

Nothing else tops it, if you have played SOCOM2 back in the day for a couple of years then you know what I mean.

This will bring back that full clan support ive been missing.
"Gamebattles" days. Ahhhh good times...

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Fishy Fingers5908d ago (Edited 5908d ago )

It's still relatively early days so I wont comment on the visual's, but the level design is looking fantastic.

TheExecutive5908d ago

yeah if its due out September 16th then they are in the alpha stage of development. Plenty of time to spruce the visuals up.

I have no doubt this will look absolutely fantastic when it is released.

TradingWarStories5908d ago (Edited 5908d ago )

The screenshots look like they havent got that textures in them, they could do some more on lighting as well. But I dont mind graphics if the gameplay is good :D. So far so good. Looks like we will be getting a P90 in the game too.

AznSniper5908d ago

It reminds me of Assassin's Creed.

shysun5908d ago

No, it looks like the map Crossfire from SC2.

Panthers5908d ago

SC2? If you mean Socom 2 then yes but it is called Crossroads, and that is the map.