Humble Paradox Bundle Available Now

The Humble Paradox Bundle has been unleashed, containing a number of games from the publisher behind some of PC's best strategy titles.

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aquamala3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

nice! 8 more games to my Steam collection for a few dollars

Crusader Kings 2 has this Game of Thrones mod

Xristo3745d ago

Even though I do not fall into the category of "high contributor," it is nice to see that those who do get rewarded for their love for charity! Good job, Paradox!


10 Games Like Crusader Kings You Should Play

For players who can’t get enough of this period of history or this style of gameplay, here is a list of the best games like Crusader Kings players should check out.

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Arrowhead Game Studios founder has just invested in the Swedish gaming company Mind Detonator

"The founders of Arrowhead Game Studios (the team behind one of the world's biggest international game successes with the game "Magicka") is now investing in the Swedish Gaming company Mind Detonator whose business concept is to capture talent at a very early stage and build the next generation of gaming developers far from the big cities." - Arrowhead Game Studios


15 Best 4X Strategy Games of All Time

Got potentially 1000s of hours you don't really need? Here are the best 4X strategy games that will consume your life.

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william_cade1392d ago

Which one is better: Stellaris or Endless Space2?

DeeJayQc1392d ago

I played more with Stellaris. A great game!

tcharger1391d ago

I wish this genre translated well to consoles

So many wasted hours of my youth!