September PlayStation Plus Free Games in North America Include GTA: Liberty City Stories, Rayman

Not wanting us to wait until holiday Monday (Labor Day!), Sony has announced all the PlayStation Plus free games those of us in North America can expect in September 2013. - PSLS

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Wedge193444d ago

A meh kind of month. I already own all of the good ones.

xHeavYx3444d ago

I agree, I hope there are more games (NFS or AC3)

pivotplease3444d ago

Ico hd and liberty city stories? Two games I've never had the pleasure of playing all the way through. Fantastic month IMO. The people that complain the most usually expect too much/buy too many games anyway.

hqgamez3443d ago


PSjesus3444d ago

that's why didnt get Rayman on Vita
But is ICO coming eith SOTC???

3-4-53444d ago

Well compare that to Us with a 360.....we get.....

wait for it....

Magic the gathering 2013 :-(

Worst possible option ever.

Would rather play Superman 64

3444d ago
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TrendyGamers3444d ago

So glad I didn't buy Rayman when it was on sale last week.

Thehyph3444d ago

I had the complete intention of buying it during the sale, but I had forgotten about it because I was busy with moving and such.


user74029313444d ago

put metal gear hd collection.

boybato3444d ago

Going by plus's trend we won't probably see Mrs HD ad a plus game not until near the release of mgsv

HeavenlySnipes3444d ago

I hope not

I bought is a couple weeks ago lol

matrixman923444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

horrible month...come on, I know some people dont like it, but EU gets AC3!! do any of these games really match the worth of that game? absolutely least give us ICO AND shadow of the rather just go buy the HD collection together

LOGICWINS3444d ago

Well, it'll be a great month for ME. I've never played any of these games.

Joe9133444d ago

Same here great month I never played ICO but always wanted to had GTA for my psp got rid of it when I got ps vita loved that game and Rayman will be a good throw back game to play and the vita is best platform to play it on.

yellowgerbil3444d ago

SweeT!!! ICO :) and is resedent evil cronicles any good?

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The story is too old to be commented.