Yakuza: Ishin adds Makoto, Yawata, and Kage the Florist

Another day, another set of returning characters in Yakuza: Ishin confirmed.

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Simon_Brezhnev2266d ago

Still dont know if this is on PS4 or PS3. Probably ps3 though.

staticdash222266d ago

The Developer said he was done with ps3, after the last game. I think this will be a Japan ps4 launch title. Makes too much sense.

Baka-akaB2266d ago

He said that yakuza serie is done on ps3 sure ... but this is a spin off , so could go either way or both .

I think it's ps4 however , to at least test the water , establish a base and experiment tech

Simon_Brezhnev2266d ago

Yeah i know about the mainline Yakuza series but like Baka said this a spin off so I'm not really sure.