A deep dive into Microsoft’s XBox One’s architecture

The system, CPUs, and main memory under the microscope @hotchips

EDIT:Semi accurate will detail the GPU and other aspects of the system in th coming days.

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NextGen24Gamer2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

Everything discussed in the article is in regards to the CPU and how massive & custom it is. What hasn't been talked about is the custom APU/DGPU. That is still under wraps, but just like the CPU has a TON of surprises, the same will be shown with the massively customized APU/DGPU. As stated in the article, more is to come!!!!!

"I see a heap of people trying to add the x1 memory bandwidth and not getting the right figure. They all seem to see that some thing is missing or not adding up. They think ms are fools.. But the real truth is right in front of them.

If they factored in why there is a quad memory design 4x 256bit. Because each gpu and cpu has two read and wright address lines rather then have one big 512bit address line. Ms designed two 256bit gfx cores. Which each can access cpus. That is also why the cpu's are not one big clusters the cpus are split into 4 core. It would have made the cpu recourse worse over a 512bit bus and it would have coursed stalling and fragmentation. This is also why there is two swizzle main accelators / data move engines with 30gbs r/w that are solely for cpu/gpu. Do the maths with a second gpu architecture. Then it will all add up.. the system will not see 5tf performance gains. But 2.4 -3.1 is what has been said at many discussion. Which is why I have said 680 level of performance :)"


edgeofsins2271d ago

Oh, so each CPU core is split into 4 cores. So X1 has 24 cores? That's odd that Microsoft wouldn't announce that they have better specs. It's so odd that your "insiders" have the same grammar and choice of words as the author.

NewMonday2271d ago


your stories are like a wired Terry Gilliam fantasy now.

dazzrazz2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

Where do you have 24 cores ? Did you even think what would be the thermal output and how much electricity this thing would eat if that was even possible at this size of a console ? Did you even have a slightest idea what would be the price of the whole console, not even a cpu itself ? Let me put it into perspective 8 core Xeon server cpu costs well over 3k dollars ! The 6 cores i7 3960x dsktop cpu is over $1000 The worst part is 4 idiots already agreed on what you wrote and that's where average console gamer education about hardware ends !

Flutterby2271d ago

Mark elite as spam or trolling he has been using this same guys blog full of made up info in every article he can find , I have a feeling they are all the same person

NextGen24Gamer2271d ago

MS just released info on the custom CPU. They still haven't released the info on the custom GPU...But, like the article states, more is to come about that from Microsoft. Common sense says the reason they didn't brag about actual specs early on is because they don't want Sony to counter their moves. They will wait till its too late for Sony to change anything. I've heard that at TGS, MS will tell about the custom GPU. What we know as of now is that the GPU is 1.3 TFLOPS. What we don't know is what else is on that die. What the CPU structure and insiders are alluding to is a DGPU along with the APU....That would be running at 1.3 to 1.8 TFLOPS. Which would put the xbox one at 2.6 to 3.1 TFLOPS. But, once again, more info will come soon from MS and I've said this before. Everyone thought MS was coo coo for saying that the xbox one can do 4k games....Well, I can say that, with the numbers we had previously...EVERYONE would be correct in assuming that, but obviously MS knows a lot more about their hardware than they are telling at this point. Let SONY brag and boast.

Developers have already said that they are shocked at how the xbox one is only 500 dollars with the amount of tech they put in there. We will soon see the entire picture. MS just has to wait for the point of no return for Sony.

DoesUs2271d ago

@Elite, the point of no return was about 6 months ago.

Just drop it, the hole you are digging is getting bigger by the minute.

TI_212271d ago

Do you seriously believe the BS you are posting?

"Common sense says the reason they didn't brag about actual specs early on is because they don't want Sony to counter their moves."

Common sense says that Sony hasn't been in a position to change anything about their hardware for a long time.
Still no info on anything you keep on posting; It's wrong, simple as that.

Gster2271d ago

"Common sense says the reason they didn't brag about actual specs early on is because they don't want Sony to counter their moves. They will wait till its too late for Sony to change anything."
But in the meantime, in the many months running up to the release of the two consoles, they allow Sony to run away with pre-orders, and changing even the minds of xb1 most loyal, don't you think as profit making organisation they would have played probably their strongest hand months ago, I do. Just like they changed all their policy to follow suit with Sony days if not hours after Sony showed the World how to do business.

Freedomland2271d ago


I think even Microsoft doesn't know what you know about their hardware.
I don't understand why are you lying and creating things out of your delusional fanboys mind. But still i want to explain something to you that people are not interested in the architecture and individual terms and parts, they are more interested in the total output of the parts when they are put together. When you go to buy speakers, you look for watts, more Watts equals more power, when you look at engine of a car you look for horsepower, the more it is, the faster that car will be, nobody cares how they achieve that power they just need the best for their money, same is the case with X1 and Ps4, actually the output of the Ps4 is better than X1 according to the specs and that's what we need, and NO COMPANY, i will repeat here again NO COMPANY in their right mind can release the lesser specs just to be destroyed by the competition first and gain momentum afterwards with higher specs.
People like to buy high end products within affordable price. The answer is PS4, Simple.

4Sh0w2270d ago (Edited 2270d ago )

"That means the XBox One’s 8 Jaguar cores are clocked at ~1.9GHz, something that wasn’t announced at Hot Chips. Now you know."

I thought it was 1.6????

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DoesUs2271d ago

I'm p!ssing myself laughing at all you findings and posts!

DoesUs2271d ago

Yeah thanks for that. Appreciate your...vigour and enthusiasm. But it's still not happening. Jog on.

ovnipc2271d ago Show
iamnsuperman2271d ago

Stop posting that guy. Microsoft have already announced the specs at the conference. It doesn't change because that link says so. The blog is made up rubbish

DonFreezer2271d ago

The funny thing is the link you have provided has some people who know obviously ten times all of the n4g fanboys together about engineering and you get disagrees because they are so butthurt(the sonyboys)that they thing the truth won't come out.

GarrusVakarian2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

You are so boring. Do you know that?

If what you say is true (and that's a very big if), then good, because i plan to get both consoles anyway and the more power the better. But when this most likely explodes in your face, don't be surprised if everyone on this website laughs at you every time you post from then on.

Kayant2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

You know your arguement is a complete fail because MS themselves have already said they didn't target the most powerful GPU. ---->

At about 5:49.

So Xbox one having dual GPUs like you say it does makes no sense. And remember these are the guys responsible for designing the architecture of the Xbox one.

So continuing dreaming and when the time comes we will just laugh at you.

Kayant2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

@ toxiichollow

I can't disprove that.... However all this says is that the Next-gen consoles could be using a discrete GPU instead of the onboard ones kabini apus use for their graphics solution (These chips are semi custom for a reason after all). Kaveri AMD most powerful apu to date is going to have 512 stream cores.

As far has we know the
XB1 has 768 stream cores
PS4 has 1152 stream cores

Since these chips are semi-custom that means could be using discrete GPU for their graphics solution because not even the soon to be out Kaveri will have the same amount of power.

What you posted doesn't prove that XB1 is using a dual gpu solution or is more powerful than the PS4.

joefrost002270d ago

Let start by saying I dont believe the X1 has dual GPUs but that leaked document last year remember the one that was 52 pages long they had an diagram of what was inside the.X1 and in that diagram it had dual GPUs

Indo2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )


Just pre-order a PS4 and call it a day.

Dakriz2270d ago (Edited 2270d ago )

Why would Elite24Gamer go for what you say when all he is stating how fascinating Tech is, so as long as he work and pays his bills he can get anything he wants now if you love PS4 so much go and buy him one and call it a day.

P0werVR2270d ago

That guy is a mad lunatic.

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thetruthx12271d ago ShowReplies(1)
GodGinrai2271d ago

I was the one that submitted the article. I cant make sense of most of what it says as I am not that tech savvy. hoping this gets approved so those on N4G that do can enlighten the rest of us.

PeEsFour4-Four2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

Im enlighting you: xbox one has worse specs than Ps4.


I've no idea what this means.

NewMonday2271d ago

@The realness

Its basically the same as what was leaked many months back, so the MS presentation just confirms what we already know.

you can find breakdowns on NeoGaf.

Mike134nl2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

It is the same as was leaked but with more details. After the hUMA rumours for the ps4 It was not clear if the xb1 could do the same trick. Now they also seem to be capable of using unified memory similar to hUMA (allowing for lower latency). Also interesting is the inclusion of 8gb flash (guess only usage for that is quickly saving of game status).

In the end it is pretty clear that Microsoft has modified their standard chips, but there are still questions remaining on some specifics.

iamnsuperman2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

Neogaf is the best place to go to find out what is going on. People here have no clue here but NeoGaf people clearly have a greater understanding

It might have a lot of DBZ references or other random crap but if you look past that it will enlighten you

theWB272271d ago

That's funny, on your first link, the second post asks what the DBZ power level is. The best is I'll understand if they do translate it to DBZ terms.

Cueil2271d ago

they should have used The Bible... where Sony finally excepted PC into it's heart and was saved from the hell of super custom cpus

corvusmd2271d ago

@new monday...this is NOT the same thing that was leaked many months ago. It seems like everyone that was at the conference was shocked in a good way.

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