Xbox LIVE Marketplace Becomes Xbox Games Store

The recent Xbox 360 dashboard update has seen many subtle changes come to the firmware, including a different highlighting system and slightly different colour scheme in line with the forthcoming Xbox One. However these changes run much deeper than just aesthetic, as Microsoft Studios continues modernising the Xbox brand for a new generation.

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gaelic_laoch2030d ago

Following SONYS lead again?


stage882030d ago

haha I thought it sounded familiar.
First the currency change, now the name.

green2030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )

App Store on iOS? So who copied who there? I never knew that Sony had the exclusive rights to the name 'store' to describe a digital marketplace. *smh*

christocolus2030d ago

Guys guys...silence is the best answer., there is no need to answer these comments, you give them the attention they seek when you do so..

AngelicIceDiamond2030d ago

@Green They don't fanboys are just stupid.

CrossingEden2030d ago

Last time I checked, Sony has PSN, as in PLAYSTATION NETWORK, not PLAYSTATION GAMES STORE. -_- Stop acting like a child.

gaelic_laoch2030d ago

I pondered a legitimate question, hence the ? at the end of the first sentence.
It is childish to just go on the defensive anytime anyone questions the anything Xbox or SONY does!

ironwolf2030d ago

When you look at their fans, it's obvious Sony copied their service's name from The Children's Store.

CRAIG6672030d ago

wow an xbox related post and MariaHelFutura is nowhere to be seen trolling!?!?

thrust2030d ago

She is crying over there because she just lost another bubble hahaha 3 left for her now

DatRealBoy2030d ago

well im bubbling her up she's funny as h3ll

No_Limit2030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )

I think she just got sent back to the Open Zone for another 30 days due to her last tirade from the previous episode.

On the flip side, the bad news is, she will have more time to find more anti-MS articles to submit. LOL

WeAreLegion2030d ago

Man, I wish we still had an open zone. :/

Mikefizzled2030d ago

Is this a good idea? My phone has Xbox Games and my Windows 8 PC has Xbox Games but non of these 3 stores are compatible but all share identical names.

mcstorm2030d ago

This is another move that MS are making to bring there services under one name. We already know windows phone will soon run windows RT and the xbox one is running windows RT and it starts to close the gap between the MS services and products they offer.

I don't think it will be long until we see the same apps and games on Windows 8, Windows Phone and Xbox one as we are starting to see this now with games like Halo ect.

StifflerK2030d ago

I remember MS saying that the apps available on Windows 8 and Windows Phones will be compatible with the X1 , and vice versa.

Potentially this means the entire contents of the Windows app store could be available to X1 users at some point , it also makes it pretty attractive to Indie devs as they could make one game that works on three platforms.

WeAreLegion2030d ago

I don't have the link, but I can confirm this.

"All three apps from the Windows App Store will be available on the Xbox One."

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