Need For Speed Most Wanted (2012) Vita Review

Need for Speed struggled with fans of the series for many years. They released game after game and many fans just didn’t like the content. After Carbon came out, people were waiting for a game to wow them. A game to give them a refreshing hint of that Need-for-Speed charm they’d gotten with earlier releases. When EA rebooted NFS: Most Wanted, they got that game.

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GentlemenRUs1874d ago

It was a shame that the cross-buy feature was removed, I even pre-ordered the game on the PS3 but alas no...

bjmartynhak1874d ago

It is one of the best-selling Vita games, and even though NFS Rivals is not coming to Vita

I wonder if it is because the remote play feature (people would by the console version)or if it is because it is a cross-gen title (already too busy making PC, PS360, PS4, XB1 versions)

r211874d ago

NFS MW on vita was amazing, despite the frame drops when things got fast. Still a very great open world racer on the vita!

DJ1874d ago

Kind of late to the party here. But yeah, it's one of the best Vita titles I own.

Redempteur1874d ago

the only problem with the vita version is the fact that the dlc content is not supported , otherwise it's a great game.