IGM Mobile: 'Mikey Hooks' Review - Get Hooked!

The Indie Game Magazine Mobile: 'From BeaverTap Games, the creator of Mikey Shorts, comes the latest coin-collecting, face-disguising, hook-throwing bonanza – Mikey Hooks. At the risk of sounding cliché, I’m gonna say that this one had me hooked!

Mikey Hooks is a brand new platformer in the style of genre classics such as Mario and Sonic The Hedgehog. It takes the coin-collecting and enemy dodging aspect of these classics and molds it into the form of an epic race to the edges of the screen. The ultimate objective of the game is to complete each level having collected as many coins as possible, and in as little time as Mikey’s legs will let him.'

- Lloyd Brown

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Tiqila2276d ago

im sick of these minimalistic looking indie games