Hands On: Xbox One

At a small building in London’s Waterloo area on a bright and sunny Wednesday, Microsoft decided to give the UK press their first taste of the Xbox One. Spread across three floors, the event showcased Kinect, Forza Motorsport 5, Kinect Sports Rivals, Ryse: Son of Rome, Killer Instinct, FIFA 14, and Dead Rising 3.

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SignifiedSix911874d ago

Wish I was there! November can't come soon enough xP

warewolfSS1874d ago

Yeah. Way to go just being excited. Love it. Have a bubble. I'm excited for all systems and games.

gusgusjr1874d ago

That controller will be heaven. I've heard some say that the sticks are as loose as a dualshock, this article claims just a touch lighter. Don't know what to believe, anyone out there on N4G try it in person and know what they feel like?

P.S. Wish this system were launching like yesterday. Only have Battlefield and Ghost(I know 2 shooters and Watchdogs on PS4) on order now, still trying to decide the rest. Maybe another 3/4 titles. opinions? (any genre will do)

JunioRS1011874d ago

Console wars aside how in the hell did Sony manage to make the PS4 so small and still not need a power brick....

It doesn't make sense.

Seriously, buy X1 if you like it buy PS4 if you like it, but why the power brick? Truth is, I don't even mind having a power brick or anything, but the fact that sony made a more powerful device that's so much smaller and somehow there's a built in brick...
It's voodoo.

SignifiedSix911874d ago

Well I guess we'll see which one doesn't overheat as fast.

I'm sure rich kids on youtube will be doing all sorts of stress tests for these consoles lol.

LoydX-mas1874d ago

Time will tell if it is "more powerful".

Makes me think PS4 may have the RROD problem this time around.

kewlkat0071874d ago

Sony always been good with hardware aesthetics and design.

1874d ago
shadyiswin1874d ago

The Xbox is made to be on for 10 years straight,the ps4 is not.That's not to say anyone will have it on for 10 yrs but that gives insight to why its big and "venty",also leaves room for slim editions as they can safely shrink it and keep it well cooled.