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Co-Optimus: "The biggest problem I have with Disney Infinity is there are so many paywalls in the game to access content it becomes frustrating, especially when you have a four year old asking what things are. There are areas in playsets that require you to own (or have access to) all four characters. If you want to purchase every figure in the first two series of characters you'll easily spend $500 factoring in the initial $75 cost for the game. As great as it is to see all the Disney franchises together and the potential the game has, I can't help but be a little disappointed with Disney Infinity."

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Threescoops2268d ago

I don't think you managed to make a single correct statement in this review.

First of all - Every single area in all three playsets is available with the characters from the starter. The only things extra characters are needed for is lockboxes which primarily contain character skins and alternate skies for toybox. There is absolutely no necessary or even important content that demands the purchase of extra characters.

Second - if you purchased every figure it would come to just over $250 (at full price for everything including the starter) not $500. But if you want all three original playsets for two players it is only an extra $30 for one of the three figure packs. If you want the other two starters it would be $35 each or more likely $35 for both as there are sales everywhere. It is still more than the average game but nowhere near $500.