Nintendo... seriously, the 2DS?

GamesRadar writes: "Let's think about this for a second, because I seriously think this is something worth thinking about for a second. Today, at the same time Nintendo revealed a much-needed price drop for the Wii U, it revealed a new 3DS model--one that removes the 3D and changes the design from the signature silhouette it spent the better part of a decade perfecting. After turning the once-floundering handheld into a best-selling powerhouse, it's stripping out its core identity and signature form-factor. It's redesigning it into something that looks like a doorstop, or a wedge of cheese. I... I think I understand this."

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snake_eater2271d ago

I heard 1DS is coming as well

TripC502271d ago

It's a cheaper handheld introduction console for adults to buy as gifts for their children. Duh

animegamingnerd2271d ago

also if you notice nintendo said this is targeting kids 1 through 7 the age range that it is suggested that you don't use the 3DS since your eyes aren't fully developed

kirbyu2271d ago

I have my 3DS open all the way when I play it. That's apparently weird.

Anyway, I'm betting in a year or so, Nintendo will make a new handheld called the 2DS Clam which will be a 2DS but clamshell.

The_Truth_24_72271d ago

Next, Nintendo will release a Wii u without the game pad.