Killzone: Mercenary - beta test | Jack Graal

PS Vita starts to shine, but only because of correct approach of game developers. Sony created a pocket monster that is able to take a fight with awesome graphics, but it has to be given a chance. Killzone: Mercenary is a display of capabilities of this console, but not only.

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chestnut11222268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

I've Just played the beta for R3 now. Everything is Great. Very Addictive. This confirmed me buying it Day 1. Great Job GC.

Edited : I can't stop playing it.

GuruStarr782268d ago

Yeah, I'm pretty addicted to it as well.... Just platinum'ed soul sacrifice, so I'm really looking forward to devoting my free time to this when it comes out!

Graphics are amazing and it really shows what the Vita is capable of... I'd advise people that are not even into fps games to check it out just to see it.

My only complaints are the melee's are incredibly slow and you either get killed often while performing them or someone steals your kill..... Game could also benefit from a killcam, hopefully the full release will have one ;)

Vitalogy2268d ago

Dude, even with all these connection problems you can't stop playing? I take my hat on you lol

I entered the closed beta and 95% of the beta testers complained of one thing: connectivity issues, lots of 'em.

Apparently they haven't done much since then as I missed the ps+ beta and got the public beta and guess what, I'm still having way too many connectivity issues and at this point where the game is almost out I doubt the final product won't have these issues.

Because I hate to buy faulty stuff I actually cancelled my pre-order, but that's me. I mean, they made such an awesome game graphically very impressive, great gameplay but couldn't fix the connection problems which is a big set back for me.

I'm not saying I won't pick this game up, I will at some point, just not so soon, rather wait to see when will they fix it (if they do it at all) and also get it for a lower price, because if I'm going to buy something faulty at least I'll have it cheap.

oONinjavitiSOo2268d ago

Played for around 7 hrs last night and today never had one problem with any connections.... Game ran super smooth for me definitely day one buy.

Bell Boy2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )


Maybe when the closed beta launched but I started playing last week, must of logged 8-9 hours play and at most failed to connect 3 times. I simply attempted a reconnect and low and behold straight back to action.

This by the way is a Beta and by opening it up to more people it allows GG to test the server loads to make the necessary final tweeks....

personally as a Killzone veteran I was well impressed how well this plays, especially on a handheld....but hey each to the own I guess

GuruStarr782266d ago

My connections been pretty good, outside of a few times where I couldn't get into a match (all I had to do was shut down and restart the game) and a few latency issues, I've put about 40 hours into the beta... Just hit Captain level 2

Dakriz2268d ago

Good game I played it once, its more the same and if you love it this game's for you.

irishyort2268d ago

The beta is just great. I don't play online FPS games as if it doesnt have a great single player I wont buy the game. After I complete the single player, im then too over the game to bother with multiplayer (my own shortcoming I know)

From being forced to play multi on this beta, I have changed my mind somewhat. But honestly, for a handheld game this is stupid good!!

The upcoming Borderlands now looks enticing, especially if this type of game can run a full campaign with this sort of quality.

JackGraal2268d ago

That's so like me, I hope Killzone Mercenary will have some sweet epic story

And yeah, Borderlands for PS Vita looks like a delicious idea.

Ozmoses2268d ago

I played the beta and was having a blast.. I traded melee counters with somebody like 4 times.. We just kept trying to melee each other..

I got it pre-ordered