NZGamer: Odin Sphere - A lovely little hack n' slash JRPG

NZGamer writes: "Odin Sphere will, without a doubt, polarize its players. You'll either love it or you'll hate it, but ambivalent about it you will never be. There are many things about Odin Sphere that are excellent and there are a few things that are mediocre, but there is nothing about this game that is truly awful.

Odin Sphere tells the stories of five characters and their adventures in the mythical world of Erion during the 'Cauldron Wars.' It's told thorough the eyes of a young girl reading chapters from a large book in an over-padded chair. The Wars began when several kingdoms tried to lay claim to a powerful magical artifact – the Crystallization Cauldron – that was unearthed following the destruction of a kingdom. The main protagonists are Ringford, the kingdom of the fairies, and Ragnanival, lead by the demon king Odin. What remains unknown, however, is that possession of the Cauldron could lead to a worldwide holocaust."

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neogeo3842d ago

I beat this game like 4 months ago.

wonderful game BTW

Cyrus3653842d ago

The game just came out 2-3 weeks ago in Europe and New Zealand...