Hit-Reset Review: Killer Is Dead's Gavin Robertson writes...

"Killer Is Dead won’t be for everyone, that much is for sure. Many won’t be able to see past the fact the game sexually objectifies women to a ridiculous degree, pointing out that sleeping with a string of women to improve yourself is a sad social commentary and playing to a stereotype that gaming has been eager to move itself away from. Given the general movement away from this sort of thing over the last few years though, I do wonder if Suda 51 is trying to make a point of some kind. Sure his games have always been all sorts of wacky, but he’s not ignorant or stupid, quite the opposite in fact. It’s more often a case that people simply don’t “get” him, but perhaps this is the unapologetic fanboy in me that simply wants this to be true. Nevertheless, Killer Is Dead, sexual misgivings aside, packs a great visual style and satisfying combat together into an experience that’s well worth checking out. It’s not the high points that were Killer 7 and No More Heroes, but it’s also in no way a bad game. Above average seems like a slight in the days of anything below an 85 on Metacritic being deemed a failure, but that’s exactly what this is, a better than average action title that will appeal to a specific core audience. Suda 51 and Grasshopper Manufacture aren’t aiming for mainstream appeal here, and I’m fine with that."

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