The Xbox One Will Not Launch On November 8 After All

Yesterday, we heard from a source at a marketing company who had seen documentation pencilling the Xbox One in for a tentative, unconfirmed November 8 launch. Today, a source close to Microsoft tells us that's not the case.

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black0o1967d ago

i think we may get the date at PAX ... fingers crossed for 15th lol

ZBlacktt1967d ago

I'll be there this weekend. MS hometown, so pretty sure they should announce it.

cl19831967d ago

It's also would be Microsoft first big announcement ever at Pax prime.

guitarded771967d ago

Hope so... I REALLY want the PS4 and XBOX One to release on the same day. It would be the most epic console launch day ever. Fanboy's heads would explode, and the media hype would be huge for both Sony and MS, and ultimately boost sales of both.

JhawkFootball061967d ago

A rumor that is discrediting a rumor.

Oh the irony.

4Sh0w1967d ago

We know its November, a week or two before or after isn't going to matter except for fanboy talk, those who really want a X1 or ps4 aren't going to change their minds based on a couple of weeks and the sales for the 1st few months will depend more on stock than which launched first.

QuickdrawMcgraw1967d ago

No offense creat,But at 6 2 and 300 lbs you are extremely obese.And would have trouble doing anything to anyone without having a heart attack.Please lose some weight and live long and prosper.

fossilfern1967d ago

I hope they do I need to know what weekend to take off work!

Cueil1967d ago

remember, remember, the fifth of November

dragon821966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

He could be 6'2" 300 lbs and still be in decent shape.

Just saying. LOL

UltimateMaster1966d ago

1 week is pretty irrelevant.
If they want to surprise everyone, launch it in September.

madpuppy1966d ago

hanging out at night waiting for 12:00 is actually kinda' neat. You are hanging out with a bunch of like minded people BSing about games and stuff. That is what i did for the 360 on launch and it was just me and a bunch of 35+ year old guys, some with their wives, hanging out till gamestop opened at 12:00 sharp.

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theWB271967d ago ShowReplies(25)
sonarus1967d ago

Not impossible but i would be surprised if the console released before PS4 at this point. There simply isn't enough evidence to support a release before PS4. Sony so far has seemed slightly in front of Microsoft in terms of getting their console ready for release.
-XBox one games are still being demo'd on high end pc's as opposed to the actual console.
-still no fcc filing
-minimization of release territories in Europe

The big one here is games still not being demoed on the actual hardware. All of this points to MS not being entirely ready to release the console. However i am not an insider, don't claim to be and don't know anything happening internally at MS or sony. But from my common man outsiders perspective it would seem MS would have to REALLY push hard to release ahead of PS4.There are still three months before release which can be plenty of time really so certainly not impossible. I just don't see it as likely. But who knows maybe MS will be like apple and announce release date a few weeks before release.

badkolo1967d ago

what are you talking about, like seriously, the games were played on the x12 many of them, or does the drug you taking make you spew out nonsence

matrixman921967d ago

im pretty sure people would actually be killed

YungDragon1967d ago

The most logical date for Microsoft in my opinion, would be November 5th. It's the Same day as CoD: Ghost, and given the exclusive deals with Activision for CoD, that would guarantee units move off shelves. so I'm calling it now, November 5th release date

BatRastered1966d ago

I can't believe people disagree with this... I'm 90% sure you're right. Nov 5 is the date I've been saying since I saw the CoD release date.

etownone1966d ago

Yep. I agree with you.

Xbox One November 5 but with Cod included.

AngelicIceDiamond1967d ago

That's fine, sometime in November I'm sure.

KwietStorm1967d ago

I wonder who's gonna take the blame for fanboy bloodshed at malls across America.

showtimefolks1967d ago

can we have 2 consoles launch the same day?

shysun1967d ago

No way in hell they'll launch on the 15! PS fans and xbox fanS crammed-in gamestop....NOT A PRETTY SIGHT!

streetbred87061967d ago

I was looking to pre order the Xbox One on Best Buy's website a week ago but decided to wait a little longer. I did however add the item to the shopping cart and selected Store Pickup and they had 11/30/2013 as the Pickup Date. Here is a link that shows the date.

streetbred87061967d ago

Could it be 11/30/2013? I don't know but I wanted to let everybody know what I found. :)

Gran Touring1967d ago

11/30 is just a placeholder.

ForgottenProphecy1967d ago

I hope it's anyday but the 15th. I don't need more people in line at midnight.

logan_izer101966d ago

I hope it's any day BUT the 15th. I don't want the lineup doubling to pick up my ps4 and games.

GraveLord1966d ago

If its not launching on November 8th, its not coming on the 15th either. That's PS4 launch and would be too chaotic for retail to handle. So that leaves either the 22nd or the 29th. I think 22nd is the safest best.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1966d ago

"The Xbox One Will Not Launch"


assdan1966d ago

I highly doubt they'd launch on the same day. It'll probably be the tuesday before or after, or the friday after the PS4 launch.

lilbrat231966d ago

Im sticking with Nov 22nd or the 29th.

BitbyDeath1966d ago

29th is when PS4 launches in Europe, doubt it will be then

Withdreday1966d ago

They might as well hold it off until June of 2014. This console war is over

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ZBlacktt1967d ago

So the week after the PS4? Wow, interesting call.

DarkBlood1967d ago

better then the idea of releasing on the same day we dont want a mortal kombat armageddon happening here lol

ZBlacktt1967d ago

Yeah that would be a burtal sight at stores, lol.

mafiahajeri1967d ago

You mean the opening where everyone's trying to get on top of the pyramid to defeat blaze? Lol I can see something like that Happening...

Quicktopick1967d ago

FINISH HIM hahaha... that wud be way too bloody in the streets

DarkBlood1966d ago

@mafiahajeri lol thats exactly what im talking about :P

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slimeybrainboy1967d ago

Surely there is production problems if they dont launch first. They've got so many less countries to ship to, they still havent certified the console by FCC whatever that means?(but surely it's not a good sign, the console still doesn't seem final), the design of the box is very large, reveal was at the latest oppurtunity.

It all just seems strange to me. Perhaps not obviously but it seems like more effort has gone into Kinect than the console.

badkolo1967d ago

a custom built gaming machine and you have the nerve to say that, its the ps4 that was put together with spare parts not the ps4, they spent more time on kinect then sony did with the ps4 most likely as well

KwietStorm1967d ago


What you just makes no sense. None.

Gimmemorebubblez1967d ago


And that is why the PS4 is more powerful AND cheaper.....

ziggurcat1967d ago

@ badkolo

again with the off-the-shelf nonsense. prove it.

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vigilante_man1967d ago

22nd would be a good date if they ship in all 13 countries at the same date. 1 week after in the us and 1 week before in Europe compared to the PS4.

thetruthx11967d ago

Microsoft vs Sony round 1 fight!!!

user74029311967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

sony does a fatality

lol ill buy a ps4 the day xbox 1 comes out

AmkOwns1967d ago

especially Xbone articles

No_Limit1967d ago

Xbox rumors on N4G are never boring, they are the main attraction. ;)

AutoCad1967d ago

all my preordered game at amazon getting a date of nov 27...

KwietStorm1967d ago

How long have they been listed as the 27th, and was that date updated from a different one?

AutoCad1967d ago

ya they been updating it this the past week into this one..they originally had them as coming out on dec 31

The_Devil_Hunter1966d ago

Yeah I noticed this yesterday all games have the date November 27 and they say Day One Edition on them so this makes me believe that the Xbone will be released that day.