Top Ten Open World Settings

SuperPhillip Central writes, "We're fresh off the heels of the release of Saints Row IV, and many have fallen in love with the game. Of course, the big open world game is releasing in just a handful of weeks, Grand Theft Auto V. While we have a breather between those two games SuperPhillip Central has come up with a list of our favorite open world settings. These are ones that were a ton of fun to explore, ones we got absolute lost in (the good kind of lost), and ones that took our breaths away. Now, make note that these aren't necessarily the best-- they're simply our personal favorites. We hope this list is satisfactory, but if not, please set us straight in the comments section once you've read the rationale for our selections."

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NukaCola2271d ago

Capitol Wasteland : FALLOUT 3

It was hard not to immersed in the world. It was horror and beauty and perfect.

Phil322271d ago

That's a good one as well.

ATi_Elite2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

List sucks without STALKER Call of Pripyat!

you can enter EVERY building in STALKER and you even have a HUGE under ground area. STALKER with MOds even allows you to FLY.

STALKER has the BEST N.P.C A.I. out of ALL those games and the world is so alive with a 24/7 day/night cycle with weather that you can just sit back and watch the mayhem and be entertained for hours.

...and where the hell is Fallout 3

ZBlacktt2271d ago

I realize this is strong opinion based, lol. But I take it Next Gen is not included as it hasn't really come out yet?

Anyway to date:

1) Skirim ( so much awesome randomness and dragons! )

2) Red Dead Redemption ( Very real open world as expect by RockStar )

3) Far Cry 3 ( Very beautiful open world with so much wildlife )

4) Just Cause 2 ( Big, fun and loving the stuntman acts! Map was huge! )

5) FallOut 3 ( Very fun, vast open waste land! )

6) Grand Theft Auto San Andreas ( Had so much fun with this game. A lot of memories from when I grew up down there in S Cali that same time period )

7)inFamous 2 ( 1 was good, but 2 added that polished look and better upgrades, better bad guys )

8) Borderlands 2 ( Like above, better polished look, upgraded game and themes )

9)Burnout Paradise ( Huge world with endless types of things to drive, Huge jumps everywhere )

10) Assassin's Creed Brotherhood or AC3 ( Both worlds I loved a lot! Better game in brotherhood, a lot of new things added in AC3 )

Arrrriibaa2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

You should wait a bit...


Dying Light

Dead Rising 3

Batman: Arkham Origins

Witcher 3

Assassins Creed 4

Watch Dogs


The Division

The Crew

God... so much freedom :3

2271d ago
Phil322271d ago

Yeah, next gen (and the current gen titles you listed) will definitely impress!

Arrrriibaa2271d ago

oh god, how could i forget.

user74029312271d ago

turok, you never know when a dinosaur will bite your head off.

mass effect. i love sci fi.

GarrusVakarian2271d ago

Gotta love apocalyptic wastelands, everythings turned upside down and rules and laws no longer apply.

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The story is too old to be commented.