Opinion: Too Much Hate

There used to be a disconnect between gamers and developers. When you were excited for a game to come out, you sat and waited patiently (or not) until you were able to bring home that big black box with an ugly gray cartridge that contained all your heart’s desire. Unfortunately, that's no longer the case. Is there no love lost between gamers and developers, any more?

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Klonopin2273d ago

Self-entitlement and douchebaggery is the new fad among gamers.

TheEvilWithin2273d ago

I was just talking about this with my wife before Dinner. I miss the days of waiting for games to come out and being excited to see tid bits of information or new in game pics make its way into gaming mag's. Hell I STILL get excited for when my new issue of Game Informer shows up in the mail just to see what the cover story is.

I think with the BOOM of the internet ALOT of gamers have become VERY impatient with the release of games and would rather take to the internet to start complaining to the masses about delays or systems that don't meet there preference of choice.

Things that I wish would change.

Sick of FPS being the mega hit tittles people look forward to instead of being open to trying new games.

Sick of EVERYONE thinking there a game journalist/reviewer and think THEY have the BEST insight into what people want from gaming.

Sick of every game developer thinking they NEED to shoe horn multiplayer into every single player game just so people don't complain about no online co op.

Also tiered of people complaining there SHOULD be some sort of ONLINE multiplayer. What happened to the good old single player adventure games being enough to hold people over. I know there have been a few but a lot of gamers/journalist take points off from games because THEY feel it could of been BETTER with online multiplayer. Sick of this becoming some sort of selling point for games now.

Point is I just wish we could all go back to the way things were before 7th gen. Hanging out with our friends and talking about the things we love/hate about our favorite games. We need to stop thinking we need to change everything and stat enjoying the thing we love most.