Rayman Legends - review | Jack Graal

We should know now for fact that a return to the roots and simple solutions may be better than the pursuit of new technologies and photo-realistic 3D graphics. Rayman Legends, just like two years ago Rayman Origins is strongly inspired by the original 1995 Rayman and although the second and third installments were created in full 3D and they were really good games, it seems to me that Rayman series feels best as a 2D platformer – mostly because of the great cooperative gameplay – but more on that in a moment.

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hansolo_872277d ago

Can't wait for the release, but as PS Vita version is going to be two weeks late I will have to wait too <sad face>

3-4-52276d ago

I'm waiting on BL2 and this for Vita once I eventually get one. Will just give me more games to play on it.

Game looks good but I'm slightly more excited for DKC Tropical Freeze