Gravity Ghost Updated

Last week, NoobFeed editor Mike Patuleia reviewed a game called Gravity Ghost by Ivy Games. It was not the most glowing of reviews, as he gave the game a final score of 60 out of our 100 point scale. This was largely in part due to a story that really didn't exist, giving the player no real purpose to complete the game, and the lack of save slots, turning the game into an endurance trial over time, rather than a fun escape, which should be the target of most any game, to be fun.

Now, most of the time it's unheard of to hear from the developer of the game on feedback, let alone that the feedback they received was heard, and therefore the game was changed. That was not the case with Ivy Games, however, who took the review and used it to make some alterations just in time for the game to go on pre-order yesterday.

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