Pre-order Bonus Content for Digital Downloads Confirmed for Xbox One

During the 4th week of IGN's "Ask Microsoft Anything" regarding the Xbox One, Mark Whitten confirmed that pre-order of digitally download games on Xbox Live will include the same pre-order bonus contents and special editions as their retail counterparts.

Poster: Will I be able to get pre-order bonuses and special edition versions on digitally downloaded games?

Whitten: Yes! You’ll see more details here in the future.

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JokesOnYou1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

I want a preorder que system, so I can wake up or come home from work and with a quick "Xbox On", and "Xbox Play...." I'm playing my X1 game that just launched. No waiting, no driving, no scratching, no loading the disc, always updated, and always available. DD is NOW.

greenpowerz1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

I canceled my BF4 and FZ5 pre-orders at Gamestop the day MSFT announced that digital games will still have enhanced features after the DRM policy change. All my games will be digital. In a year's time gamers will be kicking themselves for ever complaining about DRM policies.

Going digital makes all XB1's a portal for your cloud based library.

Hoping for a notification system telling me what was done to the games after auto updating.

Back to Gamestop, a worker tried to tell me about this news but I heard nothing from MSFT so I did it :(



I feel ya. At the same time Digital doesn't seem like real ownership over something. In the back of your mind you think inferior or not the same or damaged HDD or outage. Thank goodness your game is stored in the cloud and you own the licence to your content which is attached to your account and flagged on the console. Also Digital runs better on hardware it's more natural for it.

Neoninja1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

One of my problems with digital is I like having a physical copy. I feel more secure with physical copies and for collectors purposes also. Although you'd have to be a complete moron to not see that gaming is going in a digital direction. I see the positives and the negatives of it, but I'm gonna have physical copies for as long as possible. Although if there are good digital sales then I'll jump in.

Nothing wrong with that. I live in walking distance from Gamestop, Target, Walmart, Best Buy so gas never bothered me and I'm fine with lines. Although if it's a major release that I really want I'd just order from Amazon or something. It's cool that digital is going to make getting games more convenient for some.
For me to make a full transition to digital they'll just have to stop selling disk.

p0tat0stix1882d ago

I'm going all digital simply to avoid the lines and save gas. No real reason to get a disc anymore.

JokesOnYou1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

Neoninja yeah I used to play and keep my game cartridges/discs. I had a nice collection for awhile but eventually I just found that my N64, Sega Dreamcast all the way up to like PS1/PS2 and a few Xbox games, etc then that was it, sort of because none of them worked anymore and just collected dust and took up space. I eventually gave away or donated stuff to a local store that had old games for decorations. I guess the nostalgia just wore off the older I got and realized that I never "played" those games anymore. I completely understand your feelings though its just that personally in 10yrs when these consoles are obsolete I know even though I think "what if I want to play....", I probably won't unless its easily accessible to spend some time with an old favorite, which I'm sure in 10yrs proper emulation will be a breeze for old games.

Neoninja1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

Yeah, I think I'm just a stubborn bull lol.
Good thing is I'm not afraid of change and if things run better then more power to digital.
I really hope games become cheaper thanks to digital distribution.

Wow I could never do that. I'm happy you donated it instead of just throwing things like that away. I still play a lot of my older stuff from the Nes/Genesis era on up. Although I must admit it's only a select few games, the other ones are in my gaming room looking pretty. It's weird, but every blue moon I get an itch to play some old classic and it's something about having the original that I really like. Save states on Emulators is a godsend though.

dazzrazz1882d ago

What the fuck does "digital runs better on hardware its more natural for it" mean ? 0_o Are you on medications ? How do you think your current games on media is stored ??? Cloud, cloud you got hooked up on that Microsoft PR bullshit, I bet you don't even understand how it works its just something Microsoft told you its the best and you keep believing it. Just like they keep saying with cloud xbox 1 is like 9 x more power ! Kool story Bro ! 2 bad there is something called latency ! People who don't understand shit about this technology suddenlty believe Microsoft will be rendering their games with extra graphics on "ze cloud" 0_o ...

malokevi1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

Games are currently stored on the hd... it has nothing to do with the cloud. Dont know where you are getting that.

Disk based games wear on the disk drive, and hd based games run faster than disk based games.

If anyone sounds like a fanboy, its you, bud. Just read your post, lol.

I'm also going 100% digital beginning next gen. Goodbye massive collection of deteriorating disks, hello advantages of digital! Never again will I leave the couch 😁

JokesOnYou1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

Neoninja, yeah it was hard but after moving around, some stuff getting broken I just felt it was time so don't make me feel bad OK. lol I gave it up but it was like prying drugs out of a crackheads hands. Thankfully after time it wasn't that bad...every now and then I do look in my closet hoping I forgot Super Metroid or something, then I just breathe go outside, smell the fresh air knowing Im a free man. [wipes a tear]

dazzrazz what are you so angry about, I was having some good old memories until that...yeah games on hd can potentially run better. I think the only thing in this case where the cloud is helpful is because let's say your 500gb hd is getting full you can delete game installs off your hd but your digital license and game saves are always stored in the cloud allowing you to re-download that game anytime from the cloud servers.

LackTrue4K1882d ago

i want to go all digital next gen, but i don't want to miss any DLC's!

I'm personaly talking about PlayStation4, but i think XboxOne owner have the same question.

Will XboxLive/PSN have an update that will have preorders on there online stores....
"thanks in advance N4G community"

M-M1882d ago

You and I are a little different friend, I usually get my games on disc because I like having the actually case in my library of games. I have no problem downloading games digitally, but I usually buy my games on disc most of the time(ordered online).

rainslacker1882d ago


"Goodbye massive collection of deteriorating disks" are you storing your discs? I own over 2000 disc based games from SegaCD/TurboDuo on up through PS3, and every single one of them is still playable and most of the cases and manuals that I actually have are in pristine condition because I brought them that way and treated them properly.

Maybe you should take better care of your stuff...

ohiostatesman1882d ago

I like more incentives to go digital. Hope MS brings back digital sharing. would be great.

trafalger1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

consumers like physical medium because there is a greater sense of ownership. what digital can offer is better convenience. an example would be at a friends house and accessing any game at anytime (without having to remember or carry your games with you). not having to drive to the retailer to get a game and knowing it will be available at launch with no worries of being sold out. auto-updates are another plus.

i expect an even bigger push to digital this generation of new consoles. pre-order bonuses are a great tool as is pricing. if they can get those on the digital side consumers who prefer physical might be persuaded to change.

or you could look at electronic arts who have come out and said all there games will have online added to it. how far they are going to go with that i don't know. a game like simcity requires a constant connection i believe so will all ea games from now on? theres a lot of growth in that area and possibilities like persistent worlds and updates added on the fly but some consumers don't like the idea of being forced to be connected. even though they are likely browsing the internet or have there game systems connected on a daily basis already.

malokevi1882d ago

Deteriorating, not deteriorated. I can still play all of my games, which I keep in a padded CD folder.

Besides, don't tell me what I should do with MY stuff.

I'll be going digital next gen, and basically leaving this generation in my dust, while occasionally dusting off a classic or 2 every now and then.

Tw1tch3D1881d ago

Actually, Microsoft has stated more often lately them getting more into "device and services". So if anything, that means Xbox One will become that device and services. Where games digitally downloaded now are more service based then it is actual ownership.

Like you I'll be going digital too.

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Bigpappy1882d ago

Yep. I already knew I was going digital once it was same day release at the same price or better. But I want more.

I want to be able to sell and trade Digital content.

hagla1882d ago

It'd be nice if they had some sort out price match system on digital copies. How good would it be to haggle with an online rep because your local games store is having a sale.

rainslacker1882d ago

That's fair enough.

What about when they're cheaper at retail though, say 2-3 months later? Maybe MS will have digital sales to compete against retail, but they haven't done a lot of that this gen.

Loki861882d ago

This maybe possible with the Hyper V in the system, depending what type of WiFi channel they use. Anyways, it won't matter since you can start downloading and play the partial download anyways, I love smart fragmenting.

luisvideogames1882d ago

It took like a minute to switch downloaded games on Xbox 360, it sucked

n4rc1882d ago

Ya I haven't preordered any games.. Why bother now?

I love that too.. Preorder a game... Let it download on its own and and update it blah blah blah..

Come home and its "xbox on!" Lol

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Drewminati1882d ago

I think I will go to gamestop and cancel my preorders also... I Hate gamestop

Cherchez La Ghost1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

I'm thinking of the same thing about going straight digital download. I put at least 400 CD's on my home server at least 2 years now. I use my iPod and SD cards for my music and videos for my car. Why not go digital all the way?!

PFFT1882d ago

I would do the same IF it wasnt for my ISP data cap :(
Ill probably buy a Digital game every now and then.

n4rc1882d ago

I'm in the same boat.. 150gb a month..

But when were talking a game a month.. It should be fine.. For myself anyways

PFFT1881d ago

True that 1 a month sound about right. My data cap is at 120gb. Which is not bad and they also charge me 10 for an extra 50gb if i go over.

sovietsoldier1882d ago

my brother will be happy that when he comes over to play bf4 it wont take 30min to an hour to update.

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