Kotaku: We Wish This MGS4 Headset Was Real

Kotaku writes: "The writer of design blog ProsumeThis says this Metal Gear Solid 4 headset he designed is real, in production, will cost $60, is officially licensed and will be available on June 12, same as the game. While I'd love to believe him, I don't, but that doesn't make the design any less pleasing on the eye."

sonarus5948d ago (Edited 5948d ago )

I think they should have just made the special edition like 100 bucks and included this with it:(. Anyway MUST BUY

Actually from the looks of this, this may be fake.

Breakfast5948d ago

lol...whatever the game is still a "MUST BUY"

Fruit Loops5948d ago

then you bet im gonna buy one, just for MGO :P

freakyzeeky5948d ago

What's next? Metal Gear Solid Mountain Dew?

Charlie26885948d ago

no, MGS4 themed canned rations XD

its like TV dinner but with 100% more Metal Gear Solid :D

jwatt5948d ago

Think they should bundle a headset with the game anyways. This may be legit because there will be alot of new comers buying ps3 and will not have headsets, it's only right. I really think Sony should release a ps3 bundled with some kind of headset.

Breakfast5948d ago

2 games with one purchase is alright...maybe they should include it with the limited edition or something.

sonarus5948d ago

I think the main reason headsets aren't bundled is because it is bluetooth and almost everyone has bluetooth. Majority of ppl don't even know you can use the same bluetooth headset from your cell phone. A headset bundle by sony should happen though even though it was limited to just one specific bundle, it would do a lot to raise awareness for the ps3's bluetooth headset capabilities

Glad to be a gamer5948d ago

I would like a head set chucked in as firstly it will mean everyone online will have one making the game a better exp. but also as i dont have a headset yet and with buying the console bundle,extra control and a few games don't wanna have to fork out for the head set as well.

Oh and of topic. PLAY.COM ARE HAVING A SALE. got dirt and eternal sonata for £18 each. Check it out Gears is also in the sales among othrs.

AlterEgo5948d ago (Edited 5948d ago )

this is a MUST.

thats the ONLY complaint i have about the PSN.

some games there are tons of ppl using voice chat

some games...(warhawk), u rarely find it

i'd hate to be playing a silent MGO cuz the bundle-buyers or first time ps3 users didn't know it didn't come w/ a headset and didn't pick one up... :(

Charlie26885948d ago

That is a pretty nice looking headset ill be sure to try to get it :)

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OtterX138d ago (Edited 138d ago )

Even if they could just remaster and put on PSVR2, some would still look great as VR titles and could do a whole lot to bolster the headset w these exclusives! I'd imagine the investment of reworking these titles into VR would be way less than building new games from the ground up, and they could be amazing experiences, and VR often makes flat games feel fresh again. The Resistance and Killzone games are particularly what I want to see!!