IGN: Lost Empire: Immortals Review

IGN writes: "Bigger isn't always better, a lesson that we've painfully learned from pre-World War I ocean liners and hydrogen-filled zeppelins. You might as well throw turn-based strategy games on the list with Lost Empire: Immortals, a sprawling title similar to Master of Orion that blows away most games when it comes to scale. Unfortunately, that works to its detriment, as it comes off as more than a bit soulless, and it's such a huge game that it feels a bit like you're managing a spreadsheet than an interstellar empire at times.

The setting of this space opera involves a race of immortal beings who once ruled the galaxy until, eventually, they realized they could off one another. Now only two are left, and looking to rebuild their Empire they each look to recruit up-and-coming mortal spacefaring races to their cause. You can play as one of these races-humans included-as you begin with a single world and send out scout ships and colony vessels to spread across the stars. And there are plenty of stars, believe me."

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