Everybody's Golf: World Tour PS3 Review by PSPSPS.TV

Simon M. of takes a swing at Everbody's Golf: World tour for PS3.

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Lord Anubis3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

so this is his first time playing the game?

Mina no golf is loved for it's simplicity yet challenging ways. There are different factors that play in the game despite it's simple execution.Which makes the game very addicting.

He doesn't know how to review a game.


and now i will too review the game in his mannerism.

The game is fun and it has a golf ball that goes round and round.

a 4/5.

freddy993894d ago

agree with Lord Anubis. Everybodys golf is at first glance simple and easy, but it is also challenging and highly addictiv. I belive that not all games have to bring inovation and something new. The point of any game is that it is fun to play. I would recommende everybody to try this game online, i for one is addicted to this game. Just one more game...