Why some find Resident Evil 5 to be racist. (Should they though?)

With all of the recent negative hoopla surrounding Resident Evil 5 due to the location and ethnicity of the Zombies this time around, Nintendo might just be happy that RE:5 will not be released on the Wii. This time around, the infestation and killing occurs in Africa, and many people, mostly those of African descent aren't pleased with what they've seen so far.

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-EvoAnubis-3845d ago

Because they're idiots. That was easy.

The Wood3845d ago

if it was set in Greenland or Iceland and had zero blacks, browns etc. If its set in a predominantly black part of the world then its logical for most of the 'infected' to be black. Whether your a 360, wii or ps3 owner Im sure we ALL agree on this one.

Rocko3845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

I think this picture sums it up pretty good.

MisfitSmurf3845d ago

the real racist are the ones who are saying the game is racist to start with. They're so closed minded, any normal person would see that the game its just killing zombies, but the blinded A$$holes just have to look past the real reason the game is made and look at some part that doesnt even matter. Plain stupidity if you ask me

Science_NERD3845d ago

will those blacks claiming that it is racist consider it so if they paint every charcter white but gave them black features? Stupid uneducated fvcks

btw theyre forgetting what majority of race is making the game...Bastardo!

Amanosenpai3845d ago

An afro-chinese south-american dude with a british half sister killing nordish-koreans infected folks would be better... Dont you think?


<3 Black people <3 ---------> thats racist*

The Wood3845d ago

just because somebody says something is racist against blacks doesn't mean it was a black person who said it. That's a misconception that can cause unrest and misunderstanding, it can also be applied to all races

TruthbeTold3845d ago

The Japanese created and continue to develop Resident Evil...

Harry1903845d ago

What is your point exactly?

MURKERR3845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

way to go really showing your intelligence(guess you can only play casual games not to much thinking needed right?),

the way you talk about 'blacks' go to open zone and let ur rascim flow freely next youl be sayin your not racist

the wood agree wid you dude bubbles up up up

JsonHenry3845d ago

Would it be less racist if they were in Africa and there were only white people around?!

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Harry1903845d ago

there's always something to talk about.

coolmatrix3845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

Capcom was notified more than one year ago about the tone and nature of this game.

Depicting black teen children is a first time for a video game where you shoot and kill. Showing slavery images in the form of clothing and hair ties is another. Mimicking the walk and manner of black weilding thugs just goes to show the lowest level Capcom has taken. The cherry momemt, Africa and the virus; someone forget today the AIDS epidemic and the exisiting view in some African nation.

The Japan Trade Organization, all government in African countries, the White House, Capcom's major investors and CAPCOM LEGAL DEPARTMENT as well as Walmart, Taget, etc. has been notified more than one year ago.

If this continues this could damage the reputation of Japan and Capcom.

The letter to the Justice Department of California is still fresh, tucked away and filed.

I wait to see how they defend this game in public. Corporate responsibility?

See you soon...Capcom!

PSWe603845d ago


devilhunterx3845d ago

Why people whine about this, but dont have problems with games where "white man shoot tanned skinned people"

Bebedora3845d ago

Why is beyond doubt. It's just selfrighteousness. Black and white. Right and wrong. Good and evil. So selfrighteous fvks. Go burn some place will you.