Nintendo, get some new ideas - Part 2

OpinionDebug's Eoco answers a few of the responses that he saw to his article entitled: Nintendo, get some new ideas.

OpinionDebug writes:

Ok so I just really wanted to reply to some of the comments I've seen with regards to yesterday's article. Many of you are under the impression that I hate Nintendo and only buy Madden games. Sorry, guess again. I also wanted to explain my opinion a bit better than yesterday to give people a stronger idea of what I mean.

Right, so quite a lot of people have said that anyone who supports my view that Nintendo should stop milking the Mario franchise, only buy and play GTA, Madden and FPS games. Firstly I would like to congratulate you on your surprisingly ability to know what games people buy without ever meeting them. It's a surprising talent. However I would argue that the GTA and Madden series seem fresh, when compared to Mario's 200 appearances. GTA has had 10 games released and unless you think Madden has been going for 200 years, I very much doubt it has had as many releases as Mario.

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PS360WII3932d ago

Smells heavily of double standards but to each his own. Some just don't care for Nintendo and there sudden jump to popularity again.

BrotherNick3931d ago

I can see what he means, but to get some good games out sometimes they have to make decent games in between. Wii Sports baseball is an awesome concept if you ever played it. I probably would like a fleshed out game like that more than a mario one, because there's always some way to break the game, and be impossible to beat when you try to balance power ups.

PS360WII3931d ago (Edited 3931d ago )

well sure not all games can be winners but he makes it seem like every single game Mario is in is the same while every single Madden game is unique along with there are no similarities with GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas. Yes they have said Mario has been in 200 games but only about 8 of those are real Mario games the others are either like EA sports type games or puzzle games, etc. To pick on Mario and not Madden, FF, DQ, GTA, GT, MGS, etc is silly.

BrotherNick3929d ago (Edited 3929d ago )

Not picking on mario, I just think that the powerups tend to break it. Play Strikers, you'd know what I mean, the ghosts are close to impossible to counter. Your point is true about all IPs doing spinoffs.

Eoco3931d ago

I know that only 8 of the 200 games Mario has been is are proper Mario games. This is what makes it even harder to digest. The Mario games are great, but it's the spinoffs that annoy me.

Of course there are similarities between the GTA games, but Vice City and San Andreas have greater differences than Mario Superstar Baseball and Mario Super Sluggers.

Oh, and just pull out the quote where I say all the Madden games are unique, because I can't find one.

proArchy3931d ago

"...all the Madden games are unique..."

Take that context lol!

ToonLink3931d ago

Ok, dude, proud Nintendo supporter here, but come on. Mario is Nintendo's unofficial but commonly known MASCOT. From what your saying, then any sports team can't just display thier logo and mascot all over thier stuff because they're milking it to death. Laern to get used to the fact that mascots do get beaten to death. Unfortunately, in the modern vieo game age, very few good games come out from brand spanking new concepts. Mario is a mascot and an easily recongizable figure: HE WILL BE USED.