Where Do We Stand With Motion Controlled Gameplay?

The Weekend Gamer questions the impact motion control is having on this generation of gaming:

"...The unspoken implication from all this is that motion control is best when relegated to the sidelines or not used at all. My question is–why does it seem like the most popular Nintendo titles are skewing towards more traditonal controls? Shouldn't we be seeing Nintendo revolutionizing the gameplay of their core games ala Wiisports instead of returning to old (albeit tried and true) control schemes? Why even offer the traditional play if you're trying to push motion control?

It simply seems like we're not getting all that we were promised, and if Nintendo can't find a way to make motion control a game changing experience in their top teir titles, why should we expect that 3rd party developers will try to innovate in this space?"

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PS360WII3932d ago

Mario had more than just the spin attack. There was guiding thru space with those bubbles and collecting all the star bits and stunning enemies with them along with the dolphin race. Lots of motion, there is full motion contorls in Mario Kart along with other options and a lot of games that use both tactile button presses and motion uses. It's not just a fad it is used. Silly

P4KY B3932d ago

Cameras like Eye-toy are the way forward for motion control. They can see what your doing and translate it into the game.

And best of all eye-toy needs no batteries and no wires.

ChickeyCantor3932d ago

I smell fanboy =o

"Cameras like Eye-toy are the way forward for motion control."
correct me if am wrong, but doesn't a Camera uses some sort of pixel detection rather then "motion".

But its funny you think Eye-toy is absolute...
Devices like Wii-mote can actually move in XYZ dimensions...or in other words Left right up down. while a cam is just pointed at one view.
ofcrouse tech is getting better >

Batteries = energie..... we will always need them =)

BrotherNick3931d ago

I can see both ways being used to further immersion. You can't just say one is better without saying anything else...that's an easy way to lose bubbles. I would say that the most rational people have the most for a reason, and that is that they can see both viewpoints. I still think you will need motion controllers because it would be hard to change your actions mid movement without some sort of input in the form of buttons, well at least till we learn how to use our brainwaves as the input.

ItsDubC3931d ago

Accurately interpreting depth has always been an issue w/ cameras.

jackdoe3931d ago

Quite a few of Nintendo's top games don't even require mtion controls to play; burning examples are Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Mario Kart. I think the thing is that outside of Miyamoto, the other top tier developers of Nintendo refuse to go 100% with motion controls. After all, there are some things that just play better without motion controls, fighting games being one of them.

kewlkat0073931d ago

looking at the "sit on your couch, tapping the buttons approach".

It's def not for everyone and developers have to be really creative in making the games work and feel right.(Nintendo experiencing that right now with the lack of 3rd-party apps)

I don't think it's going anywhere. There is always a market for it even if "Hardcore gamers" disagree.

Rhyan3931d ago

My opinion on it is, i think when the Wii first came out that everyone was extactic because of how they previewed at e3 and everywhere else, and because it is still scarce in the USA, people still want to play, Now i love my Wii dont get me wrong but i think that this is more of a fad then it is going to be intergrated i think sony has the right idea with motion sensing as it you have to shake your controller to get monsters off or you have to steer a missle with the sixaxis controller, The Wii however there has only been one game where i enjoyed using the motion control and that is wii sports (the game that came with the system) every other game that i have touched with it has been way way way to sensitive and my sensitivity is on really low… and 3rd party vendors are retarded when it comes to making a good Wii game as it is i think there has only been one or 2 that have done really good with it, resident evil 4 and no more heros, but it all goes back to resident evil 4 kicked ass on the gamecube as well… so this really wasnt that big of a step up for nintendo they could of put hd on this machine but no… honestly give it 2-3 more years and this thing will die out… but nintendo will always be on top of the game no matter what they will think of some clever way to bounce back or get some crazy jap programmers who know what there doing and create a truely amazing game with the motion control

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