Borderlands 2 can help the PS Vita regain third-party confidence "Sony’s conference at Gamescom 2013 is done and dusted, and in terms of PlayStation Vita announcements, fans have some awesome hardware price drops and plenty of games to look forward to in the near future. But while there was some great news, there was a notable lack of IP announcements outside of the indie realm, as I previously predicted. Perhaps the one true surprise announcement was that Borderlands 2 is making its way onto the PlayStation Vita. While it’s a port of an existing console game, it’s a ridiculously huge third-party property at that, one that has sold millions, and one that isn’t an indie title. Could Borderlands 2 be the leading example the Vita needs to regain consistent third-party support for the handheld?"

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bothebo1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

It's called sales/install base idiot. People won't make games for a system they don't think they can make money on. That was in my opinion the point of Gamescom for the Vita. It showed Sony wants to boost the install base and hopefully get more 3rd party support rather than invest immediate first party studios which would cost millions of dollars per game.

dcj05241887d ago (Edited 1887d ago )

Well vita owners have a VERY strong Software hardware attach ratio. I do agree though.

3-4-51887d ago

Yea I see about 4-6 games I would be and probably another 2-3 I would consider getting, and that is just physical retail.

Vita will be fine and this is a great chance for it to jumpstart the sales.

There is no 3DS vs Vita. They are both good. I love my 3DS, but I'm eventually grabbing a Vita because both offer games you can only play on one and not the other.

Handhelds still have tons of exclusives compared to consoles.

Ult iMate1887d ago

Tretton said at E3 press conference, that Vita's attachment rate is about 10 games.

3-4-51887d ago

That is a good attachment rate. People are supporting the niche titles fairly well, but Vita still needs a few more system sellers.

If they actually make a really good handheld FPS game that plays nearly identical to console games on 360/PS3, they will have a system seller.

If they get another good 3D platformer like Sly Cooper, but even better, it will sell systems.

If Vita get's 2-3 more REALLY GOOD RGPS's, it will help sell systems.

Indie games are cool, but a lot only offer a small amount of gameplay in terms of content. I'm not paying $200 to play quick indie games, so the games are the investment and eventually Vita WILL have the games to get people to initially buy the system.

Vita's day is coming, it just took a while.

sinncross1887d ago

There is a lot of ways Sony can get software for the PSV, which can in turn help boost hardware sales.

Their main direction currently is Indies. I kind of hoped for them to improve PS Mobile to get more devs to move their mobile games over. For instance, SE is bringing Chaos Rings... would be nice if they brought over Deus Ex, FF Dimensions and The World Ends with You .

especially with many devs bringing mobile versions of well known IP's, it could be a nice source of software. With software, buyers can come.

but hopefully we will see more. PSV is a nice device, it is too bad it is not doing as well as it could.

wishingW3L1887d ago

a port of an old game will do absolutely nothing for the Vita.

GdaTyler1887d ago (Edited 1887d ago )

Says who? Not everybody played Borderlands 2. I didn't and will be picking it up for the Vita provided that it is a good port.

FlameHawk1887d ago

Yup, I haven't played Borderlands 2, but I will be picking it up for my Vita.

GdaTyler1887d ago

Says who? Not everybody played Borderlands 2. I didn't and will be picking it up for the Vita provided that it is a good port.

MizTv1887d ago

I did play it on ps3
and I will get it for my vita
Now how about that BioShock vita???

eferreira1887d ago

Um I missed out on Borderlands 2 and will be picking this up for the vita.

Protagonist1887d ago (Edited 1887d ago )

[email protected]

I haven´t played any of the Borderlands.

InTheLab1887d ago

Currently playing B2 and still getting it for my Vita. I like to travel with it. I hope there's a cross save feature so I can level up the rest of my characters..


Agreed, that's what I'll be looking for to decide if I also get the Vita version, because I want to do some grinding when I'm out, and then resume on the telly once I get back home.

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showtimefolks1887d ago

i thought maybe borderlands 2 on vita should have came with all the dlc to give people a reason to pick it up

Vita with a new p[rice point will move units, now its all matter of games and 2013/2014 is looking good from here till mid 2014

boybato1887d ago (Edited 1887d ago )

Hate to be a pessimist although at this point I want to say that you can't really depend on western devs when it comes to handheld.(xept indies) Sony should be courting Japanese devs for more output when it comes to vita.

porkChop1887d ago

The problem with Japanese devs is that the majority of them just don't care about localizing their games because they only care about Japanese gamers. It's a shame because they really make some great games, but we don't get as many of them as we should.

ginsunuva1887d ago

They do.
Hence all the japan-exclusive vita games.

boybato1887d ago

That's why I'd rather Sony, particularly scea, take the initiative so that they could have several japanese only games localize.

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