USA Software and Hardware Sales Charts Week of August 10

Hardware Sales Chart:

Platform Weekly (change)
3DS 34,051 (-9%)
X360 33,167 (+1%)
PS3 22,613 (+1%)
WiiU 16,349 (+79%)
Wii 9,227 (-3%)
PSV 8,092 (+72%)
DS 7,192 (-6%)
PSP 1,412 (0%)

Software Sales Chart:
Pos Game Weekly Total Week #
1 Pikmin 3(WiiU) 114,828 114,828 1
2 Tales of Xillia (PS3) 109,393 109,393 1
3 Dragon's Crown (PS3) 97,641 97,641 1
4 Dragon's Crown (PSV) 35,373 35,373 1
5 NCAA Football 14 (X360) 24,091 422,511 5
6 NCAA Football 14 (PS3) 18,182 319,923 5
7 Minecraft (X360) 17,906 337,905 10
8 Animal Crossing: New Leaf 17,606 701,463 9
9 The Last of Us (PS3) 15,108 1,066,003 9
10 Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon 13,496 826,550 20

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awesomeabe19983070d ago

It has begun and it will never be stopped! NINTENDOMINATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ashlen3070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

I hope so, they just gotta start pumping out the big name games. And a price drop wouldn't hurt.

I still think they can turn things around like they did with the 3DS. People said 3DS was a failure but a simple price change and a few big games and boom #1 month after month.

360ICE3070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

...selling slightly less than two 7 year old consoles.

Pikimin 3 is neat though.

360ICE3070d ago

I disagree! Pikimin 3 is not neat!

AWBrawler3070d ago

but Wii U has a smaller install base in US by several millions, and Pikmin 3 still placed number 1. thats quite a feat for one of Nintendo's lesser tier franchises.

360ICE3070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

Given that Nintendo titles have been long burners the last years, it's not bad, but hardly impressive. Second place was a "Tales of" JRPG. Third and fourth were also Japanese (one of them on Vita). And this is the US market. It's not exactly high season.

Small install base? You bet. Strange that it didn't move more consoles.

On a sidenote, it's good to see creative Japanese games making their way to the States.

AWBrawler3070d ago

just wait until Mario Kart rolls out lol and Smash Bros. 4! its going to be insane

DarkHeroZX3070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

Good Job Wii U. Try and keep it up.

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fsfsxii3070d ago

Damn, ToX in the top ten, also Dragon's crown. Glad to see them doing so well

awesomeabe19983070d ago

Yeah they are still holding their own. The next months sales charts will be unique since the new games and exclusives along with the next gen consoles.

Minato-Namikaze3070d ago

Not sure what you mean, didnt august also have new games? I thought the next gen consoles werent until Nov?

awesomeabe19983070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )


I meant that ToL sold pretty well. and that the next few months of 2013 will be interesting.

Bubble me up please!
Bubble me up please!
Bubble me up please!

FamilyGuy3070d ago

Wow, the Vita attach rate for Dragon's Crown is really high o.O

Considering that the PS3 has like 78 million units out and sold about 100k in its first week yet the Vita only 5.5 million and sold nearly 40k.

Thehyph3070d ago

It's even higher if these sales don't include digital purchases. Of the 9 or 10 psn friends I have who play it on vita, the livearea said that 6 or 7 of them bought it from the ps store.

Brucis3070d ago

Glad to see Pikmin, Xillia, and Dragon's Crown doing well.

nosferatuzodd3070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

indeed we need creativity not just FPS every game because that's whats selling at the moment its good to see real games coming back and diversity l;like back in the old school era good job dragon crown TOX allso congrats on Pikmin well done Nintendo

((Zodd Teleport in a blaze of mist))

Master-H3070d ago

Nice to see the WiiU selling better

fsfsxii3070d ago

Hi, i'm a police officer, you're under arrest because you seem to be happy the Wii U is selling better.

nosferatuzodd3070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

LMAO well done

((Zodd teleport in a blaze of mist))

Dunban673070d ago

no no no - I am sure 1 person bought 15,000 Wii U s that week in order to win a bet w another poster on NG4 re how many more units would sell when Pikmin came out- it is the only logical explanation

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