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Microsoft mocks Sony at their Gamescom Showcase

Microsoft have used their Gamescom Xbox One showcase to mock Sony’s indie developer policy.

During their press only event in Cologne Germany yesterday (20th August) they played a video that showed indie developers talking about what they expect from Microsoft. One of the developers, who is also an Executive Producer at Microsoft, makes a light-hearted joke at Sony’s expense.

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Community3957d ago
sobotz3957d ago

I don't see the point of mocking each other like this. Is it supposed to be cool or something?

abzdine3957d ago

ridiculous article! ROFL..


ABizzel13957d ago

I don't see how it's mocking either.

One generally mocks when someone fails to achieve your set goal, however, even after the M$ indie reveal most developer still preferred Sony's way of handling things, because everyone is included from Day 1. Whereas, you have to joins M$ BFF developers group, then wait in line until the rest of you get your club invite when M$ feels like it.

If anything it was a hurtful truth and slap in the face again, but this time from their own mouths.

shivvy243957d ago

hahaha i found this funny ! i dont know how this mocks sony but its funny !

stage883957d ago

Little do Microsoft know the joke is on them.

The guys genuinely want them "to be like Sony".
The laugher and high 5 was that they made Microsoft look like idiots XD

malokevi3957d ago


Sony boys grasping at straws, trying to demonize MS after they realized that Sony has been childishly chiding MS since before E3... with no signs of stopping.

As usual, MS responded with class. THIS is how to do friendly competition.

Sick of the Sony attitude. Love MS' professionalism. It's somewhat vindicating.

jdfoster3957d ago

@malokevi Are you high or something?

DragonKnight3957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

@malokevi: "Sony has been childishly chiding MS since before E3... with no signs of stopping."

To chide is to scold mildly so as to correct or improve. If, as you say, Sony has been chiding MS since before E3, then it's been to Microsoft's benefit not their detriment.

Sony's message has remained clear from day one. A console made for gamers by gamers. They have never wavered from that message.

Microsoft's message was a console made by a corporation for corporate interests. Then it changed to a console made by a corporation for corporate interests that seem to be in favour of gamer interests.

The Xbox One as it is now is not the same as it was in May and that's for the better. This is a result of Microsoft losing all PR battles against Sony so far but it has forced them to make their console more appealing to those who support it most. So your comment is confusing as everything that has happened to Microsoft, whether from Sony or the core audience or the mainstream/casual audience, has all been the catalyst for improvement and not any kind of downfall for MS.

What's the problem?

**EDIT** MS is no stranger to troll tactics either. It's all in the Past, but need I remind you of this?

Which was at a Sony reveal in Paris.

Classy right?

christian hour3957d ago

@ Dragonknight I'm glad someone remembers that, and they were handing out USB keys to the crowd too with stuff like "Welcome to the nex gen, sony" etc etc. Or something liek that, i dont fully remember, it was 2006 and I was 18, copious amounts of alcohol were in my system during that period :P

I don't see how this is a stab at sony though, it just feels like more of Microsoft shooting itself in the foot and not really getting their message across, again.

Honestly I want to see microsoft pull themselves back from the disastrous decisions of the last few months and I was hoping gamescom would be it, but they didnt really do much in my opinion. I guess I'll be a one console man this gen for the foreseeable future.

malokevi3957d ago


lol. Yes, no, wait, yes, no! It wasn't pre-order numbers, it was Sony's chiding... no wait, yes, no, it WASN'T/IS/ISN'T/WONT BE.

Thanks Sony, you saved Xbox!! yay!


DragonKnight3957d ago

@christian hour: They handed out chairs for people to sit in as well. Green ones with the Xbox logo on them.

@malokevi: Point out anywhere that I said Sony saved the Xbox One. I said Sony chiding them was to their benefit because it was, in addition to the highly vocal core audience, the Jimmy Fallon show showing that the mainstream/casual audience were just as unhappy as the core, and the pre-order numbers. All of that came together to force Microsoft to change the Xbox One. To deny that is to be naive.

But looking at your comment, I'd say it's more immaturity than naivety.

MysticStrummer3957d ago

@jdfoster - High people have a better grasp on reality.

BlueBlood173957d ago

Because it was sarcasm


edgeofsins3957d ago

Because they burst out laughing afterwards saying "We're jokin'!" and give a high five as if they insulted them. Ya'know, like when Michael on That 70's Show would say "Burn!".

whoyouwit043957d ago

Are you serious? apparently you are really uninformed w as to what sony's policies are for indie games. Or, maybe you are just to brainwashed to admit that microsoft as a much better policy.

FamilyGuy3957d ago

I saw this as a joke at MSs expense, the high 5 being a congrats on getting away with saying it in a MS video.

As the saying goes, "A lot of truth is said in jest".

malokevi3957d ago

lol. Cry me a river, darknight. I never said I was mature... where are you getting this drivel from?

You said Sony chiding was a positive influence for instigating change. Everyone else says that the changes saved the Xbox from failure.

Ipso Facto, Sony's chiding saved the Xbox.

Yay, logic! Humans are capable of it! :D

starchild3957d ago

When I was watching it I was like "wow, I'm surprised Microsoft used that comment since it seems so positive towards Sony". So, yeah, I don't get how this could be construed as mocking Sony.

joefrost003957d ago

It sounded like they were mocking sony fanboys more than sony

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Bigpappy3957d ago

I don't see how on earth this is M$ mocking Sony. I just don't see it. Makes no sense to me.

If they play a developer telling them to be more like Sony, that is mocking? Sounds more like a hats off to Sony to me. Some of these writers just know what the internet is looking for, and manufacture it on demand!

DragonKnight3957d ago

It's not really mocking Sony. I didn't see it either. Plus, it wasn't even funny. When Sony mocked MS, for example the game sharing youtube video, that stuff was hilarious. This actually seemed like the guy was trying too hard to say something funny, and his buddy didn't get it either and did the high five out of buddy obligation.

iceman063957d ago

Yep...seems like the writers were looking for that post Gamescom boost on their site hits.

strifeblade3957d ago

it is actually ms giving props to sony but that yoshida douchebag keeps trolling lol

BLAKHOODe3957d ago

Not much to do in their parent's basement of a bedroom other than play games, jerk it and make jokes about the "other guys".

HarryMasonHerpderp3957d ago

Didn't Microsoft change their policys to be more indie friendly like ummmm Sony? The Xbox One has had reversal after reversal to be more like the PS4. This joke makes no sense lol

christian hour3957d ago

[Sarcasm] Maybe Microsoft noticed how young male teens and adults constantly belittle themselves and their peers for the "lulz", maybe microsoft was trying to win back the hearts of the youth by dissing itself and then laughing it off cos they're so home with the downies or whatever the kids these days are saying [/sarcasm]

hakeem09963957d ago

It wasn't mocking at all . It was more of a Mea Culpa in my book ,They did have to put it in the video but i thought i was their way of saying that Yes we fucked up and we going to fix it .