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The Wii U and PS4 are going to be my next gen combo – What is yours?


Even as a devoted Nintendo fan owning one console isn’t enough. The more I think about it, owning only one console will never satisfy my gaming needs. As hard as I resist there is always an exclusive experience that I cannot resist. There is always a 3rd party game that I must have. Perhaps, I am a gamer first then a Nintendo fan second. I go to where quality games are. I never let my fandom for Nintendo restrict my gaming experience. That is why owning a combination of consoles throughout each generation has been my strategy.

Ever since from when I can remember – I have always relied on a Nintendo + Sony console combination. It has served me well, for over a decade now. Not taking anything away from Microsoft and the Xbox brand but by owning both a Sony and Nintendo console means (personally speaking of course) getting the best experience of gaming that the industry has to offer. Now each gamer will have their own gaming combination – so there is no wrong answer. You can select a PS4 + Xbox One combo and that will be fine and dandy. That said, the Wii U and PS4 will be my next gen combo and here is why.

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iamnsuperman3927d ago

This is what I think Nintendo needs to do with the Wii U. They just do not have the same level of commitment from the third parties to be able to directly compete with the One or PS4. Saying this more and more people are buying two consoles and buying a PS4 and a One is an expensive venture few can really afford (especially this early in the cycle). If Nintendo play their cards right they could sell a ton of Wii Us by making the Wii U seem like that other console to buy. It would be either PS4 or One with a Wii U

TripC503927d ago (Edited 3927d ago )

All but one of my best friends/college buddies mainly played Halo REACH, Halo 4, the CODs, and Forza 4 on 360s. The one other friend had the PS3 in his apartment and mostly played COD. They are all getting the Xbox 1 just because of the Halo franchise. So I might have to go Xbox to play with my old chumps. But man I really want a PS4 next to my Wii U. By the way I was that only Nintendo fan in my group of I already have the U.

Zodiac3927d ago

I'm just going to get all 3. I already have a wii U. I just need to decide on which i'm getting next.

pyramidshead3927d ago

PS4 & PC....maybe WiiU when Bayonetta 2 comes out.

Mikelarry3927d ago

PS4 with my current ps3 and the xbox 360