Plants vs Zombies 2 - Plant Food on All Plants

Plant food used on every plant (including the plants you have to pay for) in Plants vs Zombies 2

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Boss_Kowbel2514d ago

The Walnut used Harden. It's super effective!

beer_baron2514d ago

That sounds strangely erotic.

Pillsbury12514d ago

Microtransactions ruined this great franchise. 4$ for a plant? EA's greediness knows no bounds.

buxle2514d ago

Plant vs Zombies Adventure is awful on facebook, blur graphics, lagging game engine also absolutely not addicting.
This Plant vs Zombies 2 looks like good and like first PopCap's Plant vs Zombies online version so why they have not released the online version?
I think because to sell it as an application to phones. If so, those big companies manager knows nothing about the game players like most of us. If I like its online version then I can buy its app version for my phone too.