3 Reasons Why Microsoft Will Lead the Next-Generation with Xbox One

Mudry: "Microsoft sure has had their ups and downs lately with the Xbox One, especially when it’s come to the whole “always online” fiasco and then their complete reversal of their policies.

While Microsoft has seemed a bit unstable before launching their console, I am a firm believer that Microsoft will be leading the next generation and will be the superior console compared to the Playstation 4 and Wii U on all sides."

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xHeavYx2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

The first reason made me laugh so hard. "Microsoft is honest and adapting to the consumer"... Please, No one was pre-ordering the one, that's why they decided to do all those changes. Fanboys will say "But Sony is also a business", to what I reply that there are different ways to do business, MS tried to impose restrictions and make sure that they would get every single penny from their customers, they thought the 360 success in NA would carry on despite of all the changes they tried to introduce. MS themselves said that the One was built around Kinect and DRM, and what happened?
The Author says that the second reason is Self Publishing, but starts the sentence saying "This is a bit vague currently" lol. Do I need to remind everyone how MS did not want to allow self publishing until they got hate from Indies? That's MS again trying to get as much money as possible.
3rd reason, a strong sense of community, the "journalist" starts with a negative again "While I’ll be honest and say that Microsoft has been very quiet on the whole community scene lately, I’m a firm believer that Microsoft will be very community oriented when the Xbox One launches in November."
Give me a break, there are many reasons why someone could think the One would lead, but those 3? What a joke

malokevi2828d ago

Hm. Capitalism works. Whoda thunk it?

MS is not your daddy. They are a consumer electronics/software company. They can try whatever they want, they can listen to peoples reactions, and they can change their plans accordingly.

The idea that you feel they need your "forgiveness" is ridiculous. The idea that your so emotionally invested in this whole thing that "forgiving them" is even in your vocabulary is ridiculous. Take the Xbox for what it is/will be, not for what it "maybe could have been if perhaps MS had said F*&$% everybody and gone through with their original plans."

Who cares? You either want the console based on its merits, or you don't. But don't start inventing pathetic principled stances against what is essentially a luxury toy. Nobody gives a crap.

xHeavYx2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

The idea that you can let them do anything they want to you is ridiculous, but hey, remember that Killer Instinct demo? "Just let it happen, it will be over soon" applies to you

abzdine2828d ago

"Microsoft is honest and adapting to the consumer."

this made my day!

GodGinrai2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

"The idea that you can let them do anything they want to you is ridiculous"

They cant do anything to anybody. We are all free to buy whatever we like.

lol at whoever disagreed..OK ..MS obviously have YOU over a barrel at gun point...happy now?

malokevi2828d ago

"The idea that you can let them do anything they want to you is ridiculous"

But they DIDNT do whatever they wanted. lol. I mean, come on, that's a no brainer... your arguing a hypothetical situation that never happened, for the very reasons it didn't happen. Angst much?

"but hey, remember that Killer Instinct demo?"

I don't even know what your referring to, lol. I have not seen nor heard anything negative about Killer Instinct.

Palpatine: "Good, I can feel your anger."

Gaming1012828d ago

Malokevi is right - Microsoft isn't doing anything to you. They're providing a service and a product, if you don't like it then buy something else, it's that simple. People forget that they're playing with toys when they're gaming, that is ultimately what they're doing, and they're taking it way too seriously. You have options, so exercise those options and stop being a whiny, self entitled, complaining cry baby.

Thomper2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )


Beautifully put!!!

This whole loyalty to multinational conglomerates is fracking weird guy!!

user74029312828d ago

all i heard was ' im defending them to the death... im defending them to the death...

n4rc2828d ago

Funny.. What I heard was "I'm going to use my head instead of listening to some nobody troll on a gaming site"

Open to interpretation I suppose.....

Deadpoolio2828d ago

Oh Jesus it has nothing to do with listening to people and everything to do with the raping that they did and are still receiving on Pre orders...Hell numbers are obviously still bad enough that they just keep trying and trying to get that next fix like a crackhead.....

If they actually listened to people they wouldn't do crap like charging $92 bucks IF you want a complete controller $60+$25+tax=$92 with a rechargeable battery in it in 2013....Or make you have to purchase a headset adapter IF you want to continue using your turtle beach headsets....

They had NO damn original plans, they wanted to see how much they could get away with end of story...And that FAILED miserably...It wasn't some part of a vision, they knew damn well they didn't need all those restrictions for digital games....The PS3 has been doing day 1 digital for 99.9% of games for like the last 3 years with no problems and no fisting the consumer through restrictions and DRM..I have at least 60-65 FULL RETAIL PS3 games on my PS3 and I don't need to check in or verify every other day, hell I can have my games on 3 consoles with no problems...But Scheming,greedy Micro$haft just wanted to see how far they could fit their fist up their customers. It was all about testing how much people would take and still buy their machine, there was never a vision

jessupj2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

It's people like you that's wrong with society and why publishers can continue to degenerate this amazing hobby. You might not have any standards and will blindly do whatever you want, selfishly not thinking about how it will affect others, but I don't do that.

If you think it's just a luxury toy, you're on the wrong site. Gaming is a big part of my life and MS was trying their hardest to turn it into a police state.

That fact you think they can be trusted is just beyond a joke. I am so so so so so sick of MS apologists.

malokevi2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

Lol. Daddy doesn't love you? Get over it. Its a GAMING console... you know, for "games"... nobody is forcing you to buy anything. I'm happy with what MS is doing, and I'm even happier that I don't share your depressingly dismal perspective!


don't like it? Lump it.

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PSVita2828d ago

1-"Microsoft is honest and adapting to the consumer."

2-“Self Publishing on the Xbox One"

3-"A Strong Sense of Community"

IcicleTrepan2828d ago

I had to laugh at #3 the most there because it my head a video played of all the racist homophobic insults I've heard on black ops :D

kayoss2828d ago

For a moment, I thought i was reading the comic section of a news paper. But then i realized it was an actual article.

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XboxFun2828d ago

3, 5, 10, 1000 or 9000 reasons...

Listen, I'm an Xbox fan but these articles really need to stop.

Ksar2828d ago

Because today, PS4 and WiiU has no games.

abzdine2828d ago

your statement is full os s*** for many reasons, the first one is you dare to say that a Sony console has no game given number of studios Sony has, and the second thing is you make a statement about what's happening right NOW (after your opinion) to make a conclusion on what's gonna happen in 5 year time..

Listen here, PS3 came out a year after 360 with no game, much more expensive and hated by the rest of the community.. Can you please tell me who won the current gen between PS3 and 360?

OK.. enought said! And stay tuned for Gamescom with all Sony's European studios unannounced titles!

KwietStorm_BLM2828d ago

And again, if you pick a console to buy, go for it, it's your prerogative. But what I find mind numbing, is how many 360 owners would rag on PS3 owners about having so many exclusives that apparently either were bad or didn't sell (because of course every game has to sell 6 million copies), but now all of a sudden the Xbox One has a handful of exclusives at launch, so now PS4 apparently haznogamez, even though Sony's multitude of first party studios haven't even been heard from yet. Let's just be real. Enjoy your games, but get this childish mentality out of your system.

jessupj2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

Remind me again, how many exclusives have been released for the 360 in the last few years? (Hint: a pathetically low number so go back to your bridge)

Ketzicorn2828d ago

Since when is Microsoft honest... The Xbox One will not function without Kinect...Oh the Xbox One can function without Kinect... I like the Xbox One but to say Microsoft is honest is laughable.

True_Samurai2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

Since when is any company is honest? just gonna give me a disagree with no answer? OK :-)

Ketzicorn2828d ago

Sorry some of us have to work for a living but to answer your question I agree most companies are dishonest and they should be called out on it when they are but my statement was regarding the article which was specifically talking about Microsoft and them being an honest company when they have proven time and time again that their not and JLG has had to fix the problems that it's caused.

T22828d ago

what companies are dishonest is the bigger question? why would you shop from a company that you know is dishonest? Mind boggling how accepted it is to screw someone else over these days.

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