Call Of Duty: Ghosts 'Looks Better Than Ever'

Senior executive producer talks up the visual side of Call Of Duty: Ghosts on current and next-gen.

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DoomeDx2825d ago

Well yeah..Ofcourse it looks better then the other CoD's.

Now try to look like the average next gen title :)

ape0072825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

it's not as good looking as bf4 or kz sf of course (I wish it was) but there are good graphical improvements, the textures/tessellation , the explosions, the lightning, the weapon models/subD are all good looking....

CoD for me is almost dead after MW2(after the firing of original talent), MW3 was such a huge disappointment, i didn't like BO2 very much, BO1 was good btw

what i liked about the rebuilt IW team is that the maps in ghosts looks fantastic, whitout (the ice map) is awesome

also the single player trailer looked good, has good soundtrack and a good sense of narrative/story

also the new weapons, modes etc...

ghosts is a step in the right direction

HammadTheBeast2825d ago

It's sad that even though it was played on PC at the reveal, it looked like it was on current gen consoles.

ape0072825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

i respect your opinion but i think we are now in an era where everything look adequate, CoD ghosts is the least nextgen looking big game but the 60fps 1080p with tessellation, real lightning and subD will sure look good to any human eye

F*** it, even current gen games like the last of us, halo 4 and gta v still look GREAT, this has never happen in any gen ever, once i saw mgs2 on ps2, mgs1 looked like total crap in comparison, when i saw HD for the first time, everything looked bad but to a lesser extent to the gen before it

i think nextgen will expose bad developers, cause it ain't about the gfx anymore, everyone can do great graphics these days, even casual modders, look at gta 4 ENB mod for example...

it's all about the gameplay/design imo

HammadTheBeast2825d ago

I agree, along with you, I thought CoD was dead after MW2. They focused way too hard on the speed and it was just too fast to have any thought.

But as long as Ghosts can go back to the basics and slow the pace down a bit, I'll check it out.

Gamer-402825d ago

No offense. I buying CoD Ghosts next-gen. I like.

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The story is too old to be commented.