Yahoo Goes Scorched Earth

"It's time to end this thing before Yahoo ends itself. The author dosnt care if they throw AOL, MySpace, and half the rest of the Internet into the deal along with Yahoo. But the health of the Internet demands a counter balance to Google. Yahoo-Microsoft, given the current state of things, is the only reasonable outcome." writes

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VigorousApathy3846d ago

Google is actually a small company. They've only even been public stock a few years. And you're saying Microsoft the largest software company in the world and Yahoo the largest website in the world need to team up on them?

wageslave3846d ago (Edited 3846d ago )

GOOG: $147B

Google is a _very_ big company, more than half the size of MSFT.

YHOO: $38B

YHOO was half the price before MSFT offered to buy them. YHOO is "really" worth about $20B.

Portals are dying, most people use Search directly, or social aggregators like this (digg, reddit, N4G, furl and so many others).

YHOO is making a _big_ mistake by not going to MSFT - and its stockholders are going to be pissed, and loose a lot of money in the process.

AOL+YHOO is not going to be able to keep up with MSFT and GOOG in the R&D and Innovation.

Breakfast3846d ago

wageslave is a very smart man...regardless of what you think of what his 'purpose' on this forum is.

wageslave3846d ago

My "purpose" is to occasionally bring some sense to this site. It is in serious need of perspective.